SampleRobot Now Available On A Mac

SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot Pro and SampleRobot Multi-X for Mac OS X      19/09/12

SampleRobot Now Available On A Mac

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Following on from their initial announcement blast month, SKYLIFE has announced that their sampling solutions SampleRobot Pro and SampleRobot Multi-X are now available for Mac OS X as well as Windows. The new releases include updated versions (4.25) for Windows XP/Vista/7 (32+64 bit) as well. Here's the details in SKYLIFE's own words...
SampleRobot Pro is appropriate for music producers and sound designers who are using professional sample instruments for their productions and need to create their own content. Apart from the auto-sampling features that are shared with Multi-X, SampleRobot Pro includes WaveRobot on-board, 24-bit recording and rendering, MIDI monitor, MIDI controller support and release-sample rendering.
SampleRobot Multi-X offers a lot of professional auto-sampling features at a reasonable price. From the time saving Instrument Copier function to auto-loop processing and multi-format export there is all you need for your sampling projects. The graphical interface is very easy to use. Beginners can achieve excellent results with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Feed your compositions with inspiring samples from the world outside your studio.
  • Create digital copies of your favorite instruments and sounds.
  • Borrow instruments and keep a virtual copy (abiding by relevant copyright laws and license agreements of course).
  • Shape optimum loops for your Live arrangements.
  • Build and sell/share your own sample libraries.
  • Have all your sound hardware on your hard disk and travel with your laptop.
  • Buy used gear and resell it after automatic sampling.
  • Use all your software instruments cross-platform.
  • Work in other studios or on stage without carrying additional sound expanders.
  • Play monophonic instruments polyphonically.
  • Have total recall and editing capabilities for all instruments in every session.
Key features
  • Fast sampling process.
  • Fully automated workflow.
  • Many export formats.
  • Intuitive project assistant.
  • Sophisticated auto-loop processing and editing.
  • 24 bit recording and sample-rendering (Pro).
  • MIDI monitor, MIDI controller support (Pro).
  • Release-sample support (Pro).
  • WaveRobot included (Pro) / as an option (Multi-X)
  • Over 1 GB (Pro) / 800 MB (Multi-X) premium multi-samples taken from classic synthesizers included.
System Specifications
Mac: Apple Mac Intel 1.8 GHz, OS 10.6.4 or higher, 400 MB hard drive space. SampleRobot Mac OS X installation is based on Wine framework.
PC: Pentium 3, 667 MHz, Windows XP SP2/Vista/7 (32 + 64 bit), 200 MB hard drive space.
Pricing and Availability:
SampleRobot Pro: $ 349 / € 249 / £ 219
SampleRobot Multi-X: $ 129 / € 99 / £ 85
SampleRobot Multi-X + WaveRobot: $ 199 / € 149 / £ 129
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