High-Resolution AAX EQ Plug-in For Pro Tools

US Avid introduces Massenburg Design Works Hi-Res Parametric EQ v5      28/08/12

High-Resolution AAX EQ Plug-in For Pro Tools

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Developed by the creator of the parametric EQ, George Massenburg,Avid says that the new Massenburg DesignWorks (MDW) Hi-Res Parametric EQ Plug-In for AAX continues to define the state-of-the-art in digital equalization. Here's all the details in their own words...
Designed for Pro Tools|HD systems, version 5 offers new AAX DSP and AAX Native support, giving operators the flexibility to use the EQ across the entire Pro Tools product line, including Pro Tools|HDX systems. With its nearly unmeasurable low distortion, unprecedented clarity, unmatched smoothness, consistent EQ parameter representation, and superb high-frequency response (especially near Nyquist frequency at 44.1/48k), MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ is designed for optimal definition in the mixing environment.
MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ operates in double precision 64-bit floating point processing to take advantage of the maximum capability of the ProTools system. This new generation plug-in emulates the constant shape reciprocal filter curves of Massenburg's legendary GML 8200 equalizer -- the industry-standard reference. The plug-in offers a choice of three or five bands of equalization (both versions support the ultra-wide 10 Hz to 41 kHz frequency range) to target certain frequencies, or conserve DSP resources when only three bands of EQ are needed.
Professional Features
MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ offers a number of features to help achieve better mixes. It allows viewing the frequency grid in 6, 12, or 24 dB resolution for more accurate representation of the equalizer settings. It also offers various filter types and a wide selection of Q and frequency values.
IsoPeak lets the operator quickly isolate and sweep through the frequency spectrum to find a targeted frequency quickly, a benefit of parametric equalization. One can also toggle between two EQ band settings using A/B snapshots, copy one setting to the other, and invert the phase of a track. And when used with Avid control surfaces, the EQ organizes the bands into ergonomic groups on the channel strips.
High-Resolution Filtering
MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ 5.0 assures true high-resolution operation. The plug-in delivers double-precision 64-bit processing for vanishingly low distortion for optimal clarity and transparency (think natural-sounding). It also provides high-resolution 96 kHz sample-rate processing for audio recorded at 48 kHz or 96 kHz, and 192 kHz sample-rate processing for 92 kHz audio, allowing for maximum resolution, increased headroom, and fewer artifacts, including lower noise typical of generic equalizers. And with variable Qs (adjustable bandwidths) from 25.6 (1/18 of an octave) to 0.1 (6-2/3 octaves), MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ 5 delivers unmatched precision and maintains predictable filter curves.
Excellent DSP Efficiency
MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ 5 allows the operator to select five bands of EQ for enhanced efficiency on Pro Tools|HDX systems or three-band mode for even greater instance counts. On Pro Tools|HDX, the five-band version delivers seven, eight and three instances for 48 kHz, 96 kHz and 192 kHz, respectively, while the three-band version delivers instance counts of ten, eleven and five for sessions of 48 kHx, 96 kHz and 192 kHz, respectively.
  • Wide frequency selection, from 10 Hz to 41 kHz, with variable Q and choice of three- or five-band EQ
  • Double-precision 64-bit processing for unprecedented clarity
  • Emulates GML 8200 constant shape reciprocal filter curves - the industry-standard reference
  • IsoPeak(r) functionality quickly solos a target frequency quickly and precisely
  • A/B snapshots allow settings comparisons
  • Supports both AAX and AAX Native plug-in formats
System Requirements
AAX and AAX DSP versions require Pro Tools version 10.2 or later. AAX DSP plug-in requires Pro Tools|HDX.
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