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US Soundiron launches Rust 3      24/08/12

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Soundiron tells us that Rust 3 is the long-awaited third installment in their legendary Rust series, exploring new ways of bending this classic genre into ever more musical directions. Here's all the details in their own words...
This time we set out to conquer powerful bass and rich musical tone, recording a massive variety of surfaces, objects, oddities, apparatuses and custom contraptions. We captured each instrument in close, wide stereo to capture even the most subtle of resonances and overtones. We reached for crystalline highs and mind-melting lows. We aimed for a collection that would offer uniquely alternative drum kit concepts, richly complex tuned percussion, dramatic effects and stingers and a huge wealth of sustaining lead, pad and ambient instruments. We set out to build a metal library that could stand on it's own, capable of endless self-contained musical potential well beyond the traditional limits of your typical metal percussion. With well over 100 unique sound sets, tons of sustaining and effect elements covering a total spectrum of metallic flavors, this iron beast definitely delivers on that promise. With Rust 3, you'll find an easy to use and inspiring metallic workshop, spanning an incredible depth of sonic potential and suitable for use in any musical and sound design genre.
The user interface provides real-time control over every detail of the sound. Note attack and start offset can be shaped to create ghostly pad-like sounds. The Release control tightens the long ringing sustains into sharp staccato clicks, punches and pings. The Uberpeggiator system allows up to 32 steps of adaptive arpeggiations with key, scale, direction, detuning, timing, velocity and humanization controls. Most presets also feature tempo-syncing resonant filter and volume LFOs with waveform selection, parametric EQ and convolution reverb effects, including more than 50 unique room and FX impulses to choose from.
The Mega Mixer system allows the user to select and dynamically load any of the 100+ percussive instruments into 10 independent modules, with custom key-range, tuning and mapping. This allows custom ensembles, drum kits and tuned percussion orchestras to be created on-the-fly. The Layer Builder presets each feature 12 independent sonic layers, with free parameter control over each, generating truly unique hybrid tuned percussion instruments that can be manipulated in real-time. And of course, there are full and lite master ensemble presets for instant access to total sonic brutality.
The Tuned Selector presets provide instant access to each collection of solo tuned elements that span the full note range, with easy browsing and automatable voice selection on-the-fly. The standard ensemble presets lay it all out in convenient ready-made drum-kits. The Rustains, Drone Rig & Rumbiences sustain arrays provide a complete selection of fluidly organic tonal and long evolving atmospheric sound-scapes, all warped and twisted from the raw Rust 3 source recordings. The two freely selectable sustain layers can be smoothly mixed and morphed, with optional polyphonic legato and tempo-syncing, wave-shapable rhythmic filter and amplitude LFOs. Please note: This library requires the full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or later. This is an open-format library, so the free Kontakt Player does not support this product.
Pricing and Availability:
This library is available for download at an introductory price of $79. The sale ends and the price goes to $89 after August 31, 2012. More information:

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