Software Room Correction System Updated

US IK Multimedia announces ARC 2      30/07/12

Software Room Correction System Updated

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IK Multimedia has announced Version 2 of ARC -- Advanced Room Correction System for Mac/PC DAWs. ARC is the first acoustic correction system that combines a measurement microphone, measurement software and a correction plug-in for most popular DAWs to improve the acoustics and sonic reliability of your studio. Here's all the details in IK's own words:
ARC works by measuring your room using the included measurement microphone and measurement software and then generates an algorithm to provide a correction of your room's acoustic problems that you can apply to your mix using the included plug-in. You canrecord and mix with confidence knowing that what you hear from your speakers is a faithful representation of how your music will translate to the outside world.
With thousands of installations since 2007, the first version of ARC has been put to use in every possible real-world situation. This experience, along with user feedback from all over the world, has been carefully considered during the Audyssey® update of the MultEQ® technology that powered the first version of ARC to now provide a new, even more accurate version, MultEQ® XT32, included in this new version of ARC.
MultEQ® XT32 gives the new ARC 2 an even higher-resolution EQ adjustment – especially in the extreme low frequencies where correction is usually needed the most along with a more natural and smooth midrange and high frequency performance – a combined L/R correction for high-quality control room optimization and customizable target curves so you can shape the final response of your monitors. All of these new features are nicely packaged in a completely new interface featuring a new Monitor Control panel interface for optimized control.
Better Correction: 4X greater resolution – ARC 2 features enhanced resolution across the entire frequency spectrum including 4 times greater resolution in the lower frequencies where room distortions typically occur. ARC effectively flattens the low-end frequency response – even in the most unbalanced rooms – and also improves the mid and high frequency ranges to make the correction process totally transparent with clear and precise frequency response.
Streamlined Measurement Process – The new MultEQ® XT32 algorithm in ARC 2 provides greater resolution with fewer measurements allowing you to get a better degree of accuracy faster. Now only 7 measurements are needed for the software to calculate accurate corrections to your listening environment.
Mix for Multiple Devices – ARC 2 now provides the ability to mix for multiple devices with the new "Alternate References" feature. This makes it possible to intentionally shape the sound of the monitoring setup to simulate speakers like LCD TVs, club PA systems, car audio systems, radios, etc.
"Monitor Control" Panel – ARC has a new Monitor Control panel interface that provides you with the most frequently used control features: a big main volume knob to set your listening level, a DIM switch with an adjustable level, a MUTE switch and a listening "MODE" selector that can be toggled between standard Stereo, Mono or Side for quick reference checks. This additional collection of tools gives you a familiar, flexible control room-style workflow for a superior listening experience and improved accuracy for mixing and mastering applications.
ARC 2 New Features:
  • Completely redesigned interface for improved usability
  • 4X greater resolution improves critical low-endresponse
  • Smoother, more natural sound in the midrange and high frequencies
  • New combined L/R correction option maintains focus in perfectly symmetrical control rooms
  • New customizable target curves now can match engineers' personal timbre tastes
  • New "Alt References" templates mimic the sound of consumer listening devices like car systems, speaker boxes, etc. allowing the engineer to test how mixes translate on different systems
  • New Monitor Control panel interface streamlinesworkflow
  • Fewer measurements now provide higher quality results and shortens set-up time
  • Measurements can be saved and used for multiplecorrection set-ups
Pricing and Availability:
ARC 2 is now shipping from IK Multimedia and its network of professional music resellers worldwide at a price of $299.99/€249.99 (excluding taxes).
User of the previous version of ARC can update to the new software online in the IKstore at a special limited price of only $99.99/€84.99 (excluding taxes) good until August 31, 2012, after that the price will go up to $149.99/€124.99(excluding taxes).
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