Battery Powered Beat Box LDB-1

Delptronics 8 voice analog beat box for $240      25/07/12

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Perhaps not the slickest promo video, but an interesting little box - made by Delptronics,  it's an all analog beat box with:


  • Eight Analog Drum Sounds
  • Bass Drum
  • Low Tom
  • High Tom
  • Snare Drum
  • Wood Block
  • Hand Clap
  • Closed Hi-hat
  • Open Hi-hat
  • Eight voice polyphony

  • All drums can be played simultaneously, including
    open and closed hi-hat for a super punchy cymbal
  • Play Modes
    • Play Individual Drums
    • Play Patterns, including chaining up to 8 patterns
    • Play Songs with Pattern Fills
  • Programmability
    • 32 User Patterns - plus 32 Built-in Patterns
    • 16 Songs of 24 patterns each
    • Configuration Options (MIDI channel, trigger modes, etc)
    • All data is retained without power
  • Connectivity
    • Powered by built-in 9V battery, or standard pedal power supply
    • MIDI Input for playing individual drums, and MIDI clock and start/stop messages
    • DIN Sync Input for both clock and gate (start/stop)
    • Analog Clock Input
    • Analog Gate (start/stop) Input
    • Analog Trigger Output on selected steps and/or instruments

Priced at $240 pre-built or $140 in Kit form.

Also available as a Eurorack module.


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