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Mark Drum 8-piece YES kit is now available      04/07/12

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Mark Drum's UK distributor MSL Professional has begun shipping the Italian manufacturer's new YES electronic drum kit, which they say features amazingly real sounds backed up with serious sound generation and playability. A PR person told Sonic State, "More than simply an electronic drum set, the 8-piece professional 'acoustic hearted kit aims to provide a unique playing experience that combines the feel of an acoustic kit with all the advantages of state-of-the-art triggering, sensor and DSP technology."

Here's more details in the company's own words:
Easy connection
The basic kit comprises snare drum, kick, three toms, ride, crash and hi-hat cymbals mounted on a foldaway, lightweight aluminium rack bar that also houses the connection system. The snare and rack toms contain 10" mesh heads and a reverse drum beater is included for the kick. Rather than connecting single pads to the YES Sound Module, a Bus Drum Interface enables fast, easy and reliable connection to the rack bar via a single RJ11 plug and RJ11 spiral cables.
Uniquely real feel
Mark Drum's patented "Smart Pad" triggering system features multiple triggers and electronic sensors on each pad, including a triple-triggering system on the ride cymbal (with choking) and 255 different layers of sensitivity on the hi-hat. The hi-hat also features "top on sensor" technology that helps achieve a more realistic feel. Other original technologies, such as the "Hot Spot Removal" on toms and snare, are used for achieving a perfect balance of sound. Meanwhile, each individual sound has 512 different dynamic levels that enable every detail of your playing to be conveyed, as well as adding a greater sense of realism to the actual playing experience.
Creative DSP power
The YES Sound Module features 24 professional preset drum kits as well as one of the most powerful DSP effects processors on the market. Customise and create your own kits by layering sounds, using "Player Immersion" to move your listening perspective and creating "Kaleidoscope" kits to create continuously "moving" sounds. The FX section includes a top-quality reverb and compressors for kick, snare and toms, as well as a Master EQ. Each effect includes several different factory presets.
The drum kit also contains a number of other features designed to enhance its performance and recording capabilities, including 8 standard inputs (plus 4 additional), Midi In/Out, USB, aux and headphone connections, onboard metronome, tempo tap and a 4GB SD card. For convenient transporting, the entire kit weighs in at just 16kg.
Pricing and Availability:
Available now, the Mark Drum YES electronic drum kit retails in the UK at £1700.00 (inc VAT). More information:


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