WaveLab Crossgrade Offer For Peak Users

Steinberg tempts BIAS Peak customers to switch to their WaveLab 7 audio editing and mastering suite      29/06/12

WaveLab Crossgrade Offer For Peak Users

Buying Choices
Steinberg has announced a worldwide 50% discount on WaveLab 7 and WaveLab Elements 7 as a crossgrade offer for BIAS Peak customers. Frank Simmerlein, director of marketing at Steinberg, had this to say, ""We deeply regret that such an acclaimed software product like Peak has ceased to be. We feel that many Mac users currently running Peak might find a new home with WaveLab, hence our crossgrade offer at an exceptional price."
Steinberg tells us that WaveLab belongs to the very first mastering applications available and is today's industry-standard for mastering, audio editing and restoration. They say that, employed as the number one audio editing and mastering application in music studios, mastering facilities and broadcast stations, WaveLab perfectly meets the demands of both professional engineers and home musicians with its impressive set of features.
Pricing and Availability:
This crossgrade offer is effective as from June 29, 2012, until October 31, 2012. Eligible for this offer are users of BIAS Peak Studio XT 7, BIAS Peak Pro XT 6, BIAS Peak Studio 7, BIAS Peak Pro 6, BIAS Peak Studio LE 7 and BIAS Peak LE 6. This offer is available through the Steinberg website and at official Steinberg dealers. Crossgrades to WaveLab 7 are EUR 299 including German VAT. In the United Kingdom, crossgrades to WaveLab 7 are GBP £253 including British VAT. Crossgrades to WaveLab Elements 7 are EUR 49.99 including German VAT. In the United Kingdom, crossgrades to WaveLab Elements 7 are GBP £42.34 including British VAT. More information:


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