Podcast: SONIC TALK 268 - Loch Ness Monster Fudge

Moog Google Doodle, NI The Giant, The Leap and what should Korg make next      24/05/12

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67:41 mins

Mark Tinley  - sound artist and creative thinker
Dave Spiers -  GForce Software instrument creators
Rich Hilton - Nile Rodger’s studio Chic bandmember
Nick Batt - editor Sonicstate.com


First up , yes for some reason I skipped 267 - went straight from 266 to 268 - not sure why, but hey we all make mistakes - just me more than most.
So this week:

The Moog Google Doodle cant fail to get our attention this week, followed by Native Instruments The Giant - a new sampled piano, then The Leap a new motion control sensor for the computer with 100th/mm accuracy and what should Korg make next  or anyone else for that matter. And - why is Thunderbolt taking to long?

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