Feature: Tips For Live Laptop Use

Robbie Bronnimann tells all      21/05/12

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If you didn't see our Howard Jones Rig Rundown from Bristol O2 Academy a few weeks back, it's a brilliant illustration of how you can run a complex live show from a humble laptop - and its not even a top of the range MacBook.
Robbie Bronnimann - MD and tech whiz behind the recent Humans Lib/ Dream Into Action shows makes it look simple, well relatively. But there’s more to getting setup than just installing Ableton Live on your laptop and pressing “go”.
We asked Robbie for  his tips of ensuring the show will go on and that everything will be rock solid.

1) Clean Off The Crap

“If possible use a dedicated machine with no extra crap on it but if this is not possible only have plugins in the system that you are actually going to use as it makes troubleshooting so much easier when you are not on a plugin witch hunt”


Probably the easiest way to do this is to start from scratch - clean install the OS and  and any additional software, but perhaps don't put that antivirus software on it too - that can take valuable resources - and you aren't going to use this machine for surfing too right?


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