Hybrid EQ/Harmonic Exciter Plug-In

US Sound Magic Releases Neo Harmonic VST for Windows      19/04/12

Hybrid EQ/Harmonic Exciter Plug-In

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Sound Magic says that their latest creation, Neo Harmonic, opens a new direction for EQ. With it's custom shaped filter response curve(based on several years of research), they say that Neo Harmonic can bring amazing new results to your projects. Let's let them explain it in their own words...
There's an EQ theory called "Yin and Yang" which says that adjusting one band will automatically influence the others. Neo Harmonic takes this theory to a new level by not only boosting/cutting the selected frequency, but also exciting the harmonic partials of that frequency, extending changes throughout the whole audible frequency band. The result is a unique sound which traditional parametric EQs would be hard pressed to achieve. Neo Harmonic will give you a fuller sound, with more detail and clarity than is possible with a traditional parametric EQ.
Our research also shows that for each recorded track there exists a harmonic shape that can really make your track shine. Sound Magic has provided several of these universal curves that can handle many common sounds on "everyday" sorts of tracks. Understanding that all music is unique, there is also a special draw mode which allows users to draw their own custom harmonic curves by simply using the mouse. Drawing curves that bring out the best in your music is easy with this feature. This aspect of Neo Harmonic not only provides far more sound possibilities than traditional parametric EQ, it also makes it much easier to use.
Neo EQ is REALLY totally dynamic. Common parametric EQ units remain static, even those that are called "dynamic EQ". The cutoff frequency in Neo EQ is always changing as the input audio changes. Because of it's ability to automatically lock up with the right frequency, Neo EQ is more efficient, giving you way more effect with much smaller changes. A 2dB boost sounds similar to an 8dB boost on a common parametric EQ. The bottom line? You end up with much less distortion by increasing the efficiency of the EQ. Less boost/decay and narrower bandwidth makes any distortion far less than traditional EQ. Measurement results prove that Neo EQ only brings around 9% of the distortion of a traditional parametric EQ unit.
Another key feature Neo Harmonic provides is its ability to emulate the sound style of vintage EQ units, such as SSL and so on. Utilizing the Sound Magic Award Winning Modeling Technology, Neo Harmonic is almost a sampler for vintage EQ. It embodies several algorithms that can "sample" traditional EQs allowing for easy future expansion.
Neo Harmonic can be used as either an EQ unit or an Exciter. If you are a mixing engineer, you can use different vintage EQ settings to achieve different styles of sound. Thicker, stronger and more powerful sounds are available when you are using the SSL style, and you can readily switch to a clearer and more transparent sound by dialing up other vintage units.
During a recording session, Neo Harmonic will help you better control the sound of your recording. For vocal and guitar sounds, Neo Harmonic can process both the basic frequencies and their harmonic partials which is difficult (or impossible!) to do with other EQ units. With Neo Harmonic, you can achieve a special, unique style of sound timbre for both the vocal or the guitar. And the low CPU load and fast response times make Neo Harmonic great for live recording. Neo Harmonic is provided as a Windows VST or Add-on for Supreme Piano 2.
  • Innovative Harmonic Excite Technology
  • Innovative Custom Curve Shape enables users the define their own harmonic curve to achieve unique sound
  • Super Wide Bandwidth adjusting range gives users more controls on final sound
  • Sample and hold fuction enables users to analyze an audio signal first, then hold its harmonic information and apply to another audio track
  • Up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution
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