Plug-In For Loudness

US Sound Magic releases Neo Loudness VST for Windows      30/03/12

Plug-In For Loudness

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Sound Magic tells us that Neo Loudness is a comprehensive tool designed to control loudness. They say that Neo Loudness not only includes traditional compressors and limiters, but it also features a new type of Maximizer. Here's the details in their own words...
For years, producers have wanted their music to be louder and louder. So the brickwall limiter became the main weapon for getting to that maximum volume. However, there is always a price to pay when pushing to the extreme. The music would tend to lose its "breath" and sound too "tight". Sound Magic has spent years designing a solution for this issue and has developed a new algorithm that can make the sound as loud as a brickwall limiter (even achieving within -5dB Average RMS), without destroying the original natural sounds. Neo Loudness keeps the "breath" of the original music.
The Sound Magic Neo Loudness Algorithm is based on psychological acoustics, the science that shows how human ears are less sensitive to loudness when it reaches certain ranges. Neo Loudness uses this area to compress the audio signal. When using traditional limiters - and under heavy limiting - music will sound very tight and breathless. The main instruments will sound like they are being pushed way forward. With Neo Loudness, the overall result is a more natural sound while the imaging of the instruments is hardly changed.
With heavy limiting and clipping, a traditional limiter tends to generate more odd harmonic distortion than even harmonic distortion. Overall, Neo Loudness tends to generate less harmonic distortion altogether and the harmonics that are generated tend to be the even ones, giving a warmer and more natural sound.
Neo Loudness is also an all-purpose dynamic processor which could be the ideal choice for many situations.
If you are a mixing engineer, combining compressors, limiters and a Maximizer within Neo Loudness gives you an excellent dynamic processor.
If you are in a recording session, then Neo Loudness will help you better control the loudness of your recording. The low CPU usage and fast response time make Neo Loudness great for real-time dynamic processing.
If you are a mastering engineer, then Neo Loudness will give you more controls on the overall sound with its meticulous envelope controls.
Another innovation of Neo Loudness is that it features the ability to change the RMS length, which has been a secret weapon for most hardware designers. RMS length determines the length of RMS detection, so it's quite important to the final sound. Many great compressors/limiters have their own particular RMS length leading, in part, to the unique sound of these units. This value is often a closely guarded secret, one that competitors would like to get their hands on! Neo Loudness features extensive control over this value, allowing the user to adjust their own sounds to match those of the top hardware (and software) compressors.
Neo Loudness uses the Sound Magic Award Winning Modeling Technology. Just like its sister software Neo Dynamic, Neo Loudness is similar to a sampler for compressors and limiters. It embodies several algorithms - like sample sets - to make the plug-in easy to extend with new compressors/limiters models in the future. Neo Loudness shares the same compressors/limiters models as Neo Dynamic so users could buy one extension pack for both Neo Dynamic and Neo Loudness.
Neo Loudness also features a new multi angle metering system. You can not only read the peak and reduction amount through the two volt meters, but also monitor the input signal by looking at the brightness of the Tube GUI. This makes the whole monitoring process easier and clearer.
Neo Loudness is provided as a Windows VST or Add-on for Supreme Piano 2.
  • Internal 64-bit floating point precision
  • Comprehensive Loudness/Dynamic Processer features Compressors, Limiters and 2 innovative Maximizers.
  • Included 3 compressors and 2 limiters
  • Meticulous envelope controls on 4 parameters (compared with others with only 2 or 3 controls) including Attack, Hold, Release and RMS length, give users the maximum control of the final sound.
  • Innovative Neo Loudness technology results in a more natural and high quality sound during loudness processing.
  • Powerful Add-on system makes it easier to add new compressors/limiters (Famous Maker) sounds in the future.
  • Accurate Modeling by Sound Magic Award Winning Modeling Technology.
  • Meticulous Metering system gives the users "the next step" in accurate monitoring.
  • Different plug-in version to fit for usage on M/S, Sidechain, Mono and Surround
  • Up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution
Pricing and Availability:
69 Euros.
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