Artificial Intelligence Assistant Tool For Pianos

US Sound Magic's new VST is designed to connect your musical feelings and ideas to the technical data      28/03/12

Artificial Intelligence Assistant Tool For Pianos

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Sound Magic has released their Artificial Intelligence Assistant Tool. It's probably best if we just let you see their press release in its entirety:
Since virtual instruments have become popular, we musicians keep asking one question: how do we achieve the same skill level shown in the official demos? Now that the physical modeling era is here, we're asking another question: how can we shape our own unique sound? Although many modeling instruments give you control over many parameters of the sound, it's still difficult to achieve your own ideal sound for the very simple reason that we are musicians and not technicians.
Bad luck has no limits!
Sometimes it's not your piano software that's the problem - it might just be the keyboard that you play. Most players don't realize that nearly all keyboards have a non-linear velocity response. Combine this with the fact that hardly any keyboard players have the skills or desire to actually play an accurate linear velocity response and achieving a good dynamic is a really challenging task!
To get beyond these technical limitations, we musicians have had to spend a lot of time and energy learning the quirks of not only our instruments but our software as well. And when a software developer decides to issue an "upgrade" that thoroughly changes the basic parameters, we get to start over again. While a new trumpet is something to enjoy, modern musicians cringe at the thought of having to learn an entirely new keyboard or new software!
The purpose of Artificial Intelligence Assistant Tool (A.I in short) is to free musicians from technicians' work and let us focus on our music, not continuous controller assignments or tweaking the velocity curves! A.I is a bridge which connects your musical feelings and ideas to the technical data. With A.I, musicians no longer need to be technicians. A.I will make achieving your ideal sound more... well, musical! NO NEED TO REMEMBER arcane terminologies, finicky operation steps or the intricate specs of your keyboard.
A.I will auto test your keyboard - learn all about it - and then use artificial intelligence to make suggestions for you. It is a simple to use and it speaks the same language as musicians - YOUR language - not the geek-speaks of technicians. A.I will test your keyboard velocity response, pedal support and most importantly suggest ways to shape the sound that you are looking for. A.I makes it simple quickly achieve your ideal sound.
A.I is provided as a VSTi instruments and we recommend to use it with our pianos.
  • Automatic detect your keyboard's velocity response curve
  • Automatic detect keyboard's Min and Max velocity
  • Automatic detect pedal support
  • Give suggestions on sound shaping and dynamic
  • Give suggestions on the piano which suitable for specific music style
  • Guide on shaping the final sound
Pricing and Availability:
€50 More information:

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