MESSE12: SSL Announces New Developments For Nucleus

US New Samplitude/Sequoia and SSL Soundscape profiles released and more      23/03/12

MESSE12: SSL Announces New Developments For Nucleus

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Solid State Logic has announced new developments for the Nucleus DAW controller/audio hub. SSL's family of DAW users grows with the release of new dedicated SSL Nucleus Profiles for Samplitude/Sequoia and SSL's own Soundscape. SSL has also announced a new close development relationship with game audio middleware developer Firelight Technologies. Jim Motley, Head of Workstation Partner Products at SSL, told Sonic State, "It is fantastic to be working with new partners to integrate SSL's control surfaces with software in different applications and we intend to continue to develop profiles for the software our customers use. As well as winning numerous awards since its launch, Nucleus continues to be the controller of choice for the serious audio professional, whether in music production, post production, content creation or game audio." Here's the full details direct from SSL:
New Profiles for Nucleus:
With Nucleus continuing to win fans all over the world, SSL continues to build integral support for a growing family of DAW users. SSL has worked with Magix in the implementation of a dedicated profile for Samplitude/Sequoia to bring SSL's unique approach to hardware control to the highly respected workstation. André Standke, MAGIX Product Management Pro Audio, commented, "We're very happy to have a Samplitude template included in the default setup for Nucleus that enables our customers to control Samplitude and Sequoia with a great SSL product." The Samplitude/Sequoia Nucleus profile can be downloaded now from the SSL web site.
The delivery of the new Console Control Manager in the forthcoming release of Version 6.2 of SSL's own Soundscape DAW has enabled the implementation of a Nucleus profile for Soundscape that delivers extremely tight hardware control integration. The Nucleus profile for Soundscape V6.2 will be available to coincide with the release of V6.2.
SSL is helping Firelight Technologies with hardware control for groundbreaking game audio production platform FMOD Studio: SSL has a long history of living at the cutting edge of audio production and is breaking new ground yet again with a new close working relationship with game audio systems company Firelight Technologies. At the recent Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, Firelight Technologies announced the release of its new games middleware audio software, FMOD Studio. FMOD Studio supersedes FMOD Designer as the next generation of games audio software. FMOD Studio introduces a "Pro Audio" approach to game audio, including a comprehensive software mixer with hardware control surface support, a new multi-track editor and music system, a profiling and audio capture interface and a variety of multi-use collaboration interfaces. With an entirely new interface, FMOD Studio's features include the world's first live in-game audio composer allowing users to create, add, edit and mix audio content in real time. The software allows users to instantly preview their results without going through the edit, rebuild and restart cycle. The immediacy of both creation and preview was designed to enhance creative input and give users an immediate sense of each effect from directly within the game environment.
Solid State Logic has been working closely with Firelight Technologies to bring the expertise behind the pro audio industry's leading DAW control surfaces to the implementation of hardware control in this revolutionary new approach to game audio production. To coincide with the forthcoming release of FMOD Studio, SSL will release a dedicated Nucleus Profile for the software. The SSL team joined the Firelight Technologies team at the GDC using Nucleus to demonstrate FMOD Studio for the launch. FMOD Interactive Audio Middleware has been used in games series such as: World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Crysis, Bioshock, Forza, Guitar Hero and other hit titles such as Dragon Age and L.A Noire.
"When we started on the world's first DAW for computer game audio creation, we wanted to include support for the most prominent hardware control surface platforms available." says Brett Paterson, CEO Firelight Technologies. "This is why we immediately contacted SSL. They gave us the support we needed to include amazing hardware control support for FMOD Studio, to control our multi-track editor, in-game profiler, and mixing interface. Now sound designers and musicians will be able to professionally edit and master their games in less time thanks to the shortcuts provided by products such as the Nucleus and others within SSL's line-up. We look forward to our users pushing audio to the next level with this natural marriage of hardware and software--a first for the games industry."
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