Low End Warp Device

Stretch That Note's L.E.W.D is a low end bass and kick module      02/03/12

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Stretch That Note has introduced L.E.W.D - Low End Warp Device. A spokesperson told us, "If your passion is Low End 808 type kicks, huge dropping Sub Basses, throbbing undercurrent Rubber Basses, Wobble Basses, Wavering Sub Elements, then L.E.W.D will simply enthrall you. L.E.W.D is about one thing and one thing only:Low End Warping... Now go rattle some cones."
Here's all the details in Stretch That Note's own words...
The idea behind L.E.W.D was to create an aesthetically and fully functional low end bass and kick module that would have the type of controls that I selfishly wanted. Ease of use and 'fun' were the main criteria for developing this product. To be able to dynamically affect every layer on the fly appealed to me greatly. Chaining specific effects and dynamics into single function knobs and dials not only makes it easy to run deep edits on the go but it makes for a much more pleasing approach to sound design. Additionally, the whole concept of making everything simple and beautiful gave me an insight into how to design a functioning GUI whilst maintaining control. The decision to chain and condense effects and dynamics into single functions was made to help beginners and intermediates understand and utilize commonly desired processes. The real power of L.E.W.D lies in the layering process. Each kick and sine layer has been meticulously processed to layer both in tune and harmonically with each other. Using phase cancellation, polarity inversion and M/S, specific frequencies have been dug out and others enriched so that when applying heavy overdriving and saturation effects the results are both genuine unique. There are no limits as to what can be done with L.E.W.D and I implore you to abuse the beast as much as possible and enjoy the same mayhem that I have had such fun in being the cause of. L.E.W.D consists of the following:
  • 4 layers (synthetic kicks and sine based waveforms) with ADSR envelopes for each layer.
  • A global master section that contains the standard Amp Env, Tune, Velocity, Level and Amount for the whole module.
  • A central 'hub' section that handles varying forms of saturation and overdriving.
  • Additional controls for processing layers with specific EQ curves.
  • A reverse chop effect for dropping down basses. A slider that handles 'rubber', or bounce, values. A Glide function that does not behave like a standard Glide (more on this later).
  • An extensive Wobble section with full control over time and response values.
  • A Waver section with full control over time and response values. What comes with L.E.W.D?
  • 64 presets ranging from deep, heavy kitting kick drums to low end rumble basses.
Pricing and Availability:
$20.00 More information:




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