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sonicLAB launches Cosmosƒ      06/02/12

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sonicLAB tells us that Cosmosƒ is a real-time dynamic stochastic synthesis engine, which generates sonic textures with a complex event distribution process. Here's all the details in their own words...
Discrete sonic events of certain density are distributed in a time space with their onset time and duration parameter calculated with stochastic/deterministic functions. Each macro event defines the duration of a meso space, and the sub events are distributed inside it. The overall goal of these functions is to achieve control on each event space and perform the process of change on the appropriate operation level. The user intervenes with the system in real-time by inputting a sound source or accessing different type of synthesis/modulation generators and by controlling the parameters for the sonic event distribution on different time scales. Thanks to its self similar structure and feedback loop, Cosmosƒ organizes sonic events with certain interdependency offering potential emergent behavior. The output of the system is fed back again to the input, as the micro-event sample data. The micro level characteristics of the sonic material influence the macro level properties. This recursive system uses its own output and creates a multi layered development in the soni By introducing a hierarchy of multiple time scales on the event distribution process + recursive audio feedback + complex modulation scheme constructed with stochastic/ deterministic functions, it is possible to form sonic creations that cannot be handled by traditional synthesis methods. The temporality of a sound is truly the fundamental aspect of its identity as sound. The coupling of continuous onset time/duration/density transformations with frequency, amplitude, micro-timbre and spatialization transformations permits the composer to continuously vary the sound vector in the timbre space. The combination of these multi dimensional transformations in Cosmosf offer peculiar phenomena in the overall resultant sound, what is called the "macro-timbre". Pricing and Availability:
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