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Cant beat a good list.      02/01/12

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Happy New Year everyone! We know what this means, thats right - lists!
So here’s one for you:
Our Top Ten Most Popular Stories from 2011:
Surprisingly, its Frankfurt’s Musik Messe 2011 which provide the top two stories, but its gratifying to see that our reviews also feature well.
While we have your attention, why not tell us what you’d like to see this year?

MESSE11: Mother Of God - Its The Schmidt Polysynth  
The ridiculously over specified polysynth really tickled your fancy - don’t ask how much - if you need to know, you definitely can’t afford it.

MESSE11: Quality Time With The Roland Jupiter 80
Another massive polysynth - this time the controversial synth,  the latest to take the Jupiter name.

WNAMM11: Korg Kronos
Korg’s Big Announcement from last year’s NAMM - the new flagship workstation.

Sonic LAB: Korg Monotribe Review
Korg score big again, with their analog synth format combined with simple drum machine

Interview: Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater
A cozy chat and live rig tour with the omnipresent keyboard wizard himself - jolly nice chap too.

Sonic LAB: Teenage Engineering OP-1 Review
We take a look at the beautifully designed little Swedish synth.

Sonic LAB: Moog Slim Phatty Analog Synth
Our review of the affordable analog goodness from the synthmasters

Sonic LAB: Yamaha MOX6 Review PT1
Our review of the Yamaha workstation  - plenty of power.

WNAMM11: Behringer Unveil The X32
Still to be released, this digital desk promises much - perhaps we will see it soon.

WNAMM11: Access Virus OS 4.5 Higlights
The classic virtual analog still has pulling power.


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Rig Tour: Matths Modular Live Rig Rig Tour: Matths Modular Live Rig 

From recent Brighton gig

GearFest UK 22: Moog Mavis GearFest UK 22: Moog Mavis 

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GForce Software Release Oberheim SEM For Tom's Birthday GForce Software Release Oberheim SEM For Tom's Birthday 

Single voice, old school in collaboration with Oberheim

Sonic LAB: Slate ANA2 New Banks Patch Flip Sonic LAB: Slate ANA2 New Banks Patch Flip 

Four new banks for the monster soft synth

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