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US Moog's Animoog polyphonic synth makes the leap from iPad to iPhone 4 and 4s      22/12/11

A Moog On Your iPhone

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Moog Music has announced the release of Animoog for the Apple iPhone 4 and 4s. Previously only available for the iPad 1 and 2, Animoog for iPhone is now available on the iTunes App Store at an introductory price of only $.99. After Animoog for iPhone's promotional pricing period ends, the price will rise to $9.99.
Animoog was the first professional synthesizer designed for Apple's iPad, and was the first music app in history to reach the number one spot of paid apps on the iTunes App Store on its first day of release. Additionally, Apple named Animoog one of the best iPad music apps of the year in it's 2011 App Store Rewind.
Animoog was a featured panel topic at Moogfest 2011 in Asheville, NC where artists Moby and Richard Devine discussed how they use it in their music productions, in front of a large audience of Moog fans. Additionally, the band The Flaming Lips performed the solo from the song "Lucky Man" on Animoog, live at Moogfest.
Mike Adams, president and CEO of Moog Music, Inc. told Sonic State, "We are very excited about the release of Animoog for iPhone. While the hardware is smaller, users can expect the same amazing sound and intuitive user interface. A professional synthesizer now actually fits in your pocket."
Moog Music say that Animoog removes the boundaries of conventional instruments and brings an exciting array of creative tools to users' fingertips. Much more than a simple app, they believe that Animoog takes full advantage of the iPad and iPhone 4's multi-touch surface like no other instrument. A Moog PR person had this to say, "Play a chord and modulate each note independently of one another, add vibrato and sweep the filter on one note in a chord with no effort at all and much, much more. Animoog gives users the creative freedom to create and intimately control an entire sonic universe. It is the ultimate tool for total creative expression."
Key Features:
  • Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE) - An exciting new Moog technology that allows the user to move dynamically through an X/Y space of unique timbres to create an expressive and constantly evolving soundscape.
  • Timbre page – Assemble unique sounds in the X/Y space from timbres of a wide variety of vintage and modern Moog synthesizers and pedals Note: this is NOT simple sample playback.
  • Polyphonic Modulation – Users simply slide their fingers to control multiple modulation parameters in Animoog right from the keys.
  • Polyphonic Pitch Shifting – Users asily manipulate the exact pitch of each note in a chord by rotating or sliding their fingers.
  • Delay Module - A classic analog style ping-pong delay.
  • Thick Module - From bit crushing to unison voice detuning and drive, this module adds depth, edge and character to Animoog's already massive sound palette.
  • Moog Filter - The classic Moog ladder filter with High Pass, Low Pass and Band Pass modes.
  • Record Module – Users can record a performance and overdub new layers, or play along live. Transfer recordings between Animoog and any other apps which support Copy/Paste
  • Path Module - Direct ASE through Animoog's XY space to create new expressive and shifting sounds.
  • Orbit Module – Users control the rate of orbit in the XY space around the path they created for subtle to insane voice manipulation.
  • Flexible Modulation Matrix - Amp, Filter and Mod Envelopes, LFO with infinitely variable wave shapes and sync, and four super flexible and assignable modulation slots.
  • MIDI In - Use a Little Phatty or any other MIDI controller to control Animoog.
Pricing and Availability:
In addition to offering Animoog for iPhone 4 at an introductory price of $.99, Moog is also offering it's other iOS apps, Animoog for iPad and Filtatron, at special sale prices of $9.99 and $4.99, respectively.
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