Soundiron Releases The Twine Bass Library

US Custom instrument collection features a modified cello and a traditional Kenyan Bolon      25/11/11

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Twine Bass by Soundiron Soundiron tells us that their brand new Twine Bass library is a custom instrument collection featuring a pair of very unique oddities: a modified cello and a traditional Kenyan fretless stringed instrument called a Bolon. Here's how they describe it in their own words
We strung a cello with rough hemp twine in various tunings and played it as a stand-up bass. We also recorded slides, muted releases and deep body strikes, all captured from a very dry, close, wide position in order to capture the full bass and tone. The bolon has a cow's horn for a neck and a gourd as a body, with four twine strings strung through a resonating head. We recorded plucks and a whole range of taps, scrapes and other percussive effects. The resulting sounds are deeply sonorous, with rich, warm resonance, powerful low end and a woody, soft quality.
The library also features our exclusive chord/glissando generator. In Gliss mode, you can choose the speed of the gliss, the scale, time signature, gliss direction, note duration and either control the velocity in real-time or use the table to draw each velocity, with up to 24 strings. In chord mode, there's an integrated auto-strum function that allows you to determine up, down or alternatings strokes. You can also control strum tightness, variability, number of strings and mode/scale that the chord adheres to, on the fly, from any root note you desire. In both modes, you can play multiple glissandos or chords at different root notes with full polyphony. You can also arrange 12 real-time instant preeset chord/gliss mode changes with assignable key-switches.
For the legato presets, we've taken an entirely different approach, with a two-handed playing system that allows you to finger-tap and play hammer-ons and pull-offs on the frets with one hand while plucking with the other. Left handed? No problem, we've provided a switch to flip the hand arrangement. You can move the open note to any note you like on the fly, play with or without legato, and control slide volumes and transition pitch-bending.
We then used the raw source material and a variety of special sound design techniques to create a vast collection of ambient pads, atmospheric drones and evolving sound-scapes. We also provided a full range of other performance shaping and effects controls, including full control over our custom convolution reverb impulses, allowing you to take the sound in any number of new directions.
  • 77 Kontakt patches (unlocked)
  • 2037 Samples
  • 2.30 GB Installed
  • 40 Custom Convolution IR Files
  • 24bit / 48kHz stereo PCM wav samples (non-unencrypted)
Pricing and Availability:
The new Twine Bass library is available for download right now, for $39.53 through November 28th, 2011. Once the sale ends, the price returns to $59. More information:

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