HALion Update

US Steinberg announces new features and enhancements in HALion 4.5      21/11/11

HALion Update

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Steinberg has released HALion 4.5, the latest update to their VST sampler and sound creation system, which now features advanced multi-core support, time-stretching and pitch-shifting functionality, a sample import browser and multi-oscillators.
Steinberg tells us that the fourth incarnation of HALion 4 boasts a top sampling and mixing engine together with a virtual analog synthesizer plus countless other features in 32-bit and native 64-bit versions for Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7.
Frank Simmerlein, Steinberg's marketing director, had this to say, "At Steinberg, we put the customer first. Showing the loyal HALion users our appreciation is paramount in this case. We've therefore added the functionality requested by our users to the overwhelming feature set in HALion 4 -- and this within a very short time frame."
Here's the details as Steinberg tells it:
The newly introduced advanced multiprocessor support provides enhanced performance on latest multi-core computer systems. Owing to the 4.5 update, users can now specify the number of CPUs addressed by HALion.
Audio Warp features time-stretching and pitch-shifting tools for sophisticated audio manipulation in two modes: solo mode offers edits the level of formant shifting, grain size and the threshold of transition detection, ideal for monophonic instruments and vocals, while music mode ensures flawless results for intricate audio editing.
The new import browser offers convenient access to VST Sound and sample libraries, allowing users to manage and listen to samples right off the bat.
The additional multi-oscillator mode in HALion 4.5 provides up to eight oscillators for simultaneous use, creating new enriching synthesizer layers that go beyond the paradigm of sound design.
Enhancements in version 4.5 are simultaneous multi-editing of MIDI modules and a refined sound editor for improved usability.
New HALion 4.5 features at a glance
  • Multi-core support for unleashing the full potential of today's multiprocessor systems
  • Audio Warp provides cutting-edge time-stretching and pitch-shifting functionality
  • New import browser for faster and more convenient access of VST Sound and sample libraries
  • Multi-oscillators for multiplying the density and fullness of synthesizer layers
  • Multi-editing of MIDI modules for simultaneous manipulation of several MIDI modules
  • Improved sound editor usability for more convenient navigation and sound design
Pricing and Availability:
The update to HALion 4.5 is available free of charge from the Steinberg website.
HALion 4 can be purchased through the Steinberg Online Shop and from authorized Steinberg resellers for EUR 349, including 19% German VAT, and GBP 295, including 20% British VAT.
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