Sick Sounds For Halloween

US Soundiron releases the new Sick II and Sick I Resurrected      31/10/11

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We'll let Soundiron tell the story in their own words...
Enter the dark minds of Soundiron and behold the Sick collection. Every year, we go digging through the meaty innards of our darkest fears and deranged nightmares to scrape and scoop up a fresh heaving helping of horrific audio atrocities to satisfy your unholy wants and desires. This year, we bring you our brand new Sick II installment and return again to this earth the lost and yet never forgotten or forgiven Sick volume I, with a host of new improvements and added content. Designed with Halloween in mind, these libraries are handy chunks of audio hell. Each one explores a sub-theme in horror.
Sick II is a one-stop-shop for eerie and disturbing paranormal sound-design, including subterranean clanks, booms, thuds, cracks, drags, stomps, steps, creaks and thumps in the darkness; demonic creature howls, moans, breaths and growls; hellish and twisted soundscapes, pads, drones and ambiences; and a variety of terrifyingly vivid EVP recordings (some of them quite real). You'll find a fully fleshed out metal and stone impact percussion section captured in a crumbling abandoned naval artillery bunker and decommissioned war ship, as well as near and distant zombie wails, moans, cries and heaving, seething breaths captured deep in the reverberant bowels of the earth. We also explore a wide variety of creeping ambiences, drones, soundscapes, transmissions, voices, and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) messages from the other side.
All in all, you get over 350 grade-A production-quality horror sound effects and sound beds for about the price of a pound of raw hamburger. There's also a full compliment of FX and performance controls for each instrument and our custom convolutions and ubberpeggiator system. Delicious!
Sick II specs:
  • 38 Kontakt patches (unlocked)
  • 351 Samples
  • 490 MB Installed
  • 16 Custom Convolution IR Files
  • 24bit / 44.1kHz stereo PCM wav samples (non-unencrypted)
Sick I is back and grosser than gross. This library was designed to induce vomiting. Made almost entirely of ripping flesh, exploding innards, smashed skulls, the ravings of frothing lunatics and the horrific screams, cries, pleas and agonizing death throws of tortured mindless souls, this library is a one-way ticket to hell in a convenient bite-size package. We've also added a set of new soundscapes and ambiences, full performance controls, FX and reverb convolutions for your sick pleasure. Over 200 brutal horror effects and beds for the cost of a bag of rotten beef jerky. Pretty hard to beat.
Sick I specs:
  • 22 Kontakt patches (unlocked)
  • 206 Samples
  • 188 MB Installed
  • 16 Custom Convolution IR Files
  • 16bit / 44.1kHz stereo PCM wav samples (non-unencrypted)
Pricing and Availability:
The new Sick II library is available for download for $13.
The new and improved Sick I library is available for download for $7.00.
Get them both together in the Sick Combo for $15.
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