BlackBox Recorder Updated

Version 2.2 contains a number of features designed to give the user greater working efficiency      19/10/11

BlackBox Recorder Updated

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JoeCo Limited has announced a major software update for its BlackBox Recorder series. They tell us that version 2.2 contains a number of features designed to give the user greater working efficiency and includes many benefits inherited from the development of the BlackBox BBR64-MADI and Dante Recorders. These include enhancements to the underlying bespoke operating system alongside improved methods of displaying critical information to the user whilst maintaining the conceptual simplicity of the user interface.
Simple interface changes, from clarifying clock sources to flashing the transport controls while an operation is pending, provide a much slicker user experience, imparting more information to the user with greater speed and clarity. The Pre Fade Listen system, introduced in the BBR64-MADI development, now allows more rapid sweep through the channels with a quick return to "mix" output.
It's also faster to enter record and to finalize the Broadcast WAV files thus created; timecode reading is quicker and more accurate; master/slave performance has been enhanced and further support has been added for particular drive types. Additionally, the software now runs background checks on the drive to create a more accurate map of free space to further speed entering record.
The Player software add-on has taken advantage of improvements to triggering and now also supports v0 BWF files, which some older DAWs still produce. These and more enhancements are encapsulated in an upgraded field update manager.
Joe Bull, JoeCo's Managing Director, told Sonic State, "With reliability and speed key to the BlackBox, we are constantly working to ensure that our users can achieve maximum working efficiency from their recorder. Having worked hard to develop the new BBR64-MADI and Dante systems, we like to share the benefits of these developments with our existing customers wherever possible."
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The new Version 2.2 software update can be downloaded free of charge from the End User area of the JoeCo website More information:


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