Turn Your iPhone/iPad Into An Alchemy Synth

Camel Audio releases Alchemy Mobile      28/09/11

Turn Your iPhone/iPad Into An Alchemy Synth

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Camel Audio have released Alchemy Mobile - the iOS version of Camel Audio's Mac/PC Alchemy synth. They tell us that Alchemy Mobile includes everything from evolving soundscapes and fat bases to lush pads and pulsing arpeggios, and is available for free from the iTunes App store. Here's more details from Camel Audio:
Touch Remote for Alchemy on Mac/PC
With the Pro Upgrade ($19.99/€15.99/£13.99), you can remotely control Alchemy or the free Alchemy Player on your desktop computer. This is the first iPhone App to offer a dedicated touch remote feature for a desktop synth! Easy one touch access to the remix pad and preset selection means you'll spend more time getting inspired and less time reaching for your mouse.
Create Your Own Sounds with the Remix Pad
Discover an almost limitless palette of sounds using the unique remix pad to morph between sound variations. 16 controls including cutoff, resonance, ADSR and effects parameters are specially selected for each preset to make tweaking sounds to fit your music easier than ever.
External MIDI or Built In Keyboard
The Alchemy Mobile interface was designed with ease of use in mind. You can play the mini keyboard built into the app, which features scalable key size and one touch major and minor keys so even the clumsiest fingers can play along with friends. You can also plug in an external Core MIDI keyboard.
Copy/Paste and Loop Player
Using Alchemy with other apps like NanoStudio and Garageband is easy, thanks to the included loop player. Simply paste a loop from your sequencer into Alchemy Player, hit record, and play in your killer bass part, and then paste the resulting loop back into the sequencer. Alchemy Player is the first iPhone app to feature exposé, which makes switching between pages a breeze.
Most Powerful Synthesis Engine on iOS
Want to know why Alchemy Mobile has such amazing sounds which can change so drastically with a tap of the remix pad? The performance controls and remix pad are linked to the most powerful synthesis engine on iOS, which allows you to morph and change the sound in radical ways not possible with any other synth. Alchemy's VA synth, sampler and granular and additive resynthesis, combined with almost unlimited modulation sources, effects and a flexible arpeggiator are used to power this expressive way of creating new sounds for your music.
Expandable with Sound Libraries
The free version of Alchemy Mobile includes 25 sounds, with a further 25 available when you register for free with Camel Audio. You can expand Alchemy Mobile with a wide range of sound libraries such as BigTone, Cinematic and Arp Dimensions from world class sound designers. The libraries each contain 50 sounds (400 variations) and are available as in-app purchases for $4.99/€3.99/£2.99.
Free Features
  • Remix pad to morph between sound variations and create your own sound
  • 16 performance controls so you can easily tweak sounds to fit your music
  • Most powerful iOS synthesis engine with VA, sampler, granular and additive resynthesis
  • External MIDI keyboard support
  • Loop player with 25 drum loops included
  • Copy and paste support for easy integration with sequencers
  • iPad native version included
  • Built in keyboard with scalable keys
  • One touch major and minor chords
  • 25 sounds with 25 more free when you register
  • Add on sound libraries available as in-app purchases
Pro Features
  • Remote control of Alchemy or free Alchemy Player on your desktop computer
  • Free download of Mobile version (if available) of desktop sound libraries you own
  • 125 sounds
  • 50 loops
Pricing and Availability:
Alchemy Mobile Free is now available for iPhone/iPad. Download immediately from the iTunes app store.
Alchemy Mobile Pro Upgrade is available for iPhone/iPad and costs USD 19.99 / EUR 15.99 / GBP 13.99. The Pro Upgrade is available as in-app purchase from the free version.
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