PLASA11: Roland Unveil 6 Channel Portable Recorder

US R-26 - Omni pair, X-Y pair plus analog input      13/09/11

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    MP4 5:54 mins

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Another portable/hand-held recorder from Roland - this time its a 6-channel affair, with 2x stereo mic inputs - there are two pairs built-in, which Roland assure us are high quality and incredibly sentivie to caputre the finest ambient details. AN OMNI pair and a more standard X-Y stereo pair.

Plus you get the 2x combi analog inputs for line/mic inputs. This gives you 6 channels of 24bit /96kHz broadcast wave format recording in a hand-held package.

The other unique aspect is that the R-26 has a touch screen OS - no more jog and shuttle menu systems, just use your finger to setup this up.

Shipping October 2011 at £399 UK inc VAT

Full details follow


  • Two types of built-in stereo microphones (omnidirectional and directional) that can be used in various combinations
  • Two XLR/TRS combo inputs with 48 V phantom power, plus an input for a stereo plug-in powered mic
  • Supports up to six channels (three stereo channels) of simultaneous recording
  • Large LCD touchscreen display for intuitive navigation
  • Large input-level knobs for fine adjustment
  • Built-in Hi-Speed USB interface for use as an audio interface or external storage
  • Loop-Back function; combine this with the built-in or external mics for the optimum live video streaming setup (only with Audio Interface function)
  • Bundled with SONAR LE software (PC)
Tracks 6 (3 stereo)
Signal Processing AD/DA conversion: 24 bits, 96/88.2/48/44.1 kHz
Data Type For Recording
WAVE/BWF: Sampling Rate: 96/88.2/48/44.1 kHz, Bit Depth: 24/16 bits
MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3): Sampling Rate: 48/44.1 kHz, Bit Rates: 320/160/128 kbps
WAVE + MP3: Sampling Rate: 48/44.1 kHz, Bit Depth: 16 bits, Bit Rates: 128 kbps
For Playback
WAVE: Sampling Rate: 96/88.2/48/44.1 kHz, Bit Depth: 24/16 bits
MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3): Sampling Rate: 48/44.1 kHz, Bit Rates: 32-320 kbps or VBR (Variable Bit Rate)
Memory Card SD Card (SDHC format compatible)
Recording Time (unit: hours)

* Each recording time is approximate. The times may change depending on the card specifications.
* In case that there are plural files, the sum of recording time would be shorter than above.
Phantom Power 48 V + or - 4 V
10 mA or less in all channels
USB Interface Mini-B type connector
USB mass storage device class
USB audio (Hi-Speed USB)
Display 160 x 160 dots graphic display (touch screen)
370 g 0 lbs. 14 oz.



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