iLive Gets A Waves SoundGrid Option

US Allen & Heath announces the new M-Waves module for the iLive digital mixing series      12/09/11

iLive Gets A Waves SoundGrid Option

Allen & Heath has announced a Waves SoundGrid option module for the iLive digital mixing Series, which provides a low latency 64 channel bi-directional interface to SoundGrid. The new M-Waves module opens up the opportunity to use Waves' SoundGrid plug-in processing and concurrent multi-track playback and recording.
Developed by Waves, SoundGrid is an Audio-over-Ethernet networking and processing technology ideal for live applications. It provides an extremely low latency environment for high precision Waves audio processing using standard Gigabit Ethernet networks and an Intel-based server running a customised version of Linux. A separate standard Windows or Mac computer runs the MultiRack SoundGrid control application and GUI functions. An integrated Ethernet switch with two EtherCon and one RJ45 SoundGrid port is provided on the M-Waves module, allowing direct connection of the SoundGrid Server and a PC.
Signals from the mixer can be routed to the M-Waves card for processing and recording, including any bus or Mix Channel (pre or post fade), Input Direct Out, Wedge and IEM monitors, MixRack Inputs, and Input or Mix Insert Sends. Signals from SoundGrid can be routed to Input Channels, Mix External Inputs, Insert Returns, and Output sockets.
M-Waves will be incorporated into Allen & Heath's range of audio networking cards, which allow iLive to interface with a variety of common audio networking standards - such as MADI, Dante, EtherSound and Aviom. The cards fit in the expansion slot of iLive MixRacks, comprising the modular iDR0 and iDR10, and fixed format iDR-16, iDR-32, iDR-48, iDR-64 and xDR-16 expander.
Allen & Heath's iLive digital mixing series comprises several Control Surface and MixRack variants, which can be mixed and matched in any combination and share the same firmware, so that show files are transferable between systems via a USB key. They connect together with CAT5 cable and use the Ethernet protocol for control, All MixRacks feature the same 64x32 RackExtra DSP mix engine architecture, providing processing for 64 channels, 32 mixes, and 8 stereo FX processors.
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