New Sound Libraries For Kronos

Korg offers new sounds and an update to version 1.5 to provide added memory for them      02/09/11

New Sound Libraries For Kronos

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Korg has announced new custom Sound Libraries that take advantage of the nine sound engines in the flagship Kronos Music Workstation. Korg will be offering two types of Kronos Sound Libraries: The EXs Expansion Sample Series and The KRS Professional Sound Series.
The EXs Expansion Sample Series takes advantage of Kronos' built-in SSD, providing large amounts of PCM data. The KRS Professional Sound Series was created by pro musicians and programmers who are intimately familiar with each of the Kronos sound engines. Korg tells us that these libraries contain skillfully crafted programs, combinations and drum patterns with infectious grooves, all designed to maximize the nine sound engines that power the Kronos.
To support these new libraries, Korg is also introducing Kronos Music Workstation System Version 1.5 (required to load the EXs libraries). This free, downloadable system adds seven new Program Banks with 896 new locations for storing sounds. Version 1.5 also allows users to install additional memory, doubling their RAM to roughly 2.2 GB, with new index locations to allow larger sample loads. The convenient connection of USB MIDI controllers – such as Korg's nanoSERIES2, microKEY and padKONTROL – is also possible with Version 1.5, plus support for the Kronos Editor and Plug-In Editor, which allows editing and organizing of sounds from a Mac OS X or Windows computer.
The first Libraries being introduced include:
  • EXs Expansion Sample Series
    • EXs10 Ricky Lawson's "West Coast" Drums_Content: Approximately 300 MB of PCM samples, 16 Programs, 4 Drumkits_Drummer Ricky Lawson is a founding member of The Yellowjackets, and is known for his playing with internationally-famous artists and groups. In addition to Ricky's drumkits, this collection includes numerous variations of snare drum, providing the exact sounds of his playing. Also included are ambient sounds that add realism and depth, delivering a studio-quality sample set that covers a wide range of genres from pop to many other styles.
    • EXs11 Legendary Strings*_EXs12 SGX-1 Austrian Piano*_EXs13 Jazz Drums Expansion Kit* _*Details to be announced on these upcoming EXs Expansion Sample Series Libraries
  • KRS Professional Sound Series
    • KRS-01 "Pro Grooves" by David "Fingers" Haynes_Contents: 200 Patterns, 10 Songs_David "Fingers" Haynes is best-known as the master of finger drumming. This set includes 200 realistic drum patterns that – unbelievably – he played with his fingers. His grooves are famous from his appearance with top-rated musicians, and are now available as performance-ready backing for your own songs using the Kronos' RPPR function or Drum Track function.
    • KRS-02 STR-1/MOD-7 Phase II_Contents: 128 Programs_This library digs deep into the two complex sound engines whose possibilities have never been exhausted. Created by legendary sound programmer Yoshinori Ujiie, this collection of sounds is for the STR-1 and MOD-7 engines. Classic electric pianos and basses from the MOD-7 and unprecedented new synth sounds from the STR-1 reflect his deep sound design talents and skill. Users can enrich their songs with wondrous sounds reflecting a strange realism.
    • KRS-03 Nu Electro_Contents: 128 Programs, 60 Patterns, 3 Songs_This is a collection of the "electro sounds" that in recent years have been appearing in a wide range of styles including pop, R&B, and hip-hop. The simple synth sounds valued in electro house and dubstep are also included. In addition, a deep collection of phrase patterns is included to stimulate songwriting ideas.
    • KRS-04 Pro Splits and Layers_Contents: 128 Combinations_Created by some of the best sound designers available, this collection focuses on realtime live performance, providing a great set of split and layer combinations that concentrate on in-demand keyboard sounds such as gorgeous pianos, electric pianos, clavinets, and organs. The splits are ideal for solo performances or for backing a vocalist; the layers are a rich accompaniment for ballads.
    • KRS-05 Ensemble Combinations*_*Details have yet to be announced
Pricing and Availability:
Kronos Music Workstation System Version 1.5 and the new Sound Libraries will be available in mid-October 2011.
The Kronos Editor and Plug-In Editor will be available for free download in late November 2011.
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