Headphone Amp And DAC For iPhone

Fostex ships the HP-P1      26/08/11

Headphone Amp And DAC For iPhone

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Fostex has announced shipment of the new HP- P1 Headphone Amp and DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter). The HP-P1 is the world's first portable headphone amplifier with D/A conversion that receives digital audio signal directly from iPhone/iPod, then converts to analog audio via high resolution 32bit DAC. Fostex say that the analog signal is further enhanced via a precision audiophile quality headphone amplifier.
A Fostex spokesperson had this to say, "The tone, depth, and effective headroom of the HP-P1 are nothing short of stunning, giving the impression of almost limitless audio power reserves available at all times. Add to this a 3-step gain optimization switch to accommodate all types of headphones, built-in S/PDIF Digital Out, twin digital filters and a rugged, yet stylish aluminum alloy chassis resulting in the best portable headphone amp for iPhone/iPod on the market."
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