Sequencing Environment Plug-In Updated

US Five12 Inc. announces the release of Numerology 3.1      25/08/11

Sequencing Environment Plug-In Updated

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Five12 Inc. has announced version 3.1 of its sequencing environment, Numerology. Here's their press release with the details:
Numerology 3.1 is a music creating environment that offers an innovative and exciting approach to electronic music composition based on modular step sequencing. Employing discrete sequencing techniques, powerful signal processing, Audio Unit (AU) hosting, advanced signal routing, and unmatched modulation capabilities, Numerology seamlessly combines pure brute "in-studio" strength with agile "live performance" response and finesse for musicians, composers, sound designers, and sample artists.
Version 3.1 of Numerology builds upon its ground-breaking integration for the Novation Launchpad by adding realtime pattern recording for three of its signature MIDI sequencing modules. The "MonoNote" and "PolyNote" sequencers have been tailored to provide live recording over a four octave array on the grid; while the "DrumSeq" sequencer can be controlled from a grid array that is divided into seven velocity levels across 8 drum tracks, including a row of pattern erase buttons. Numerology's Launchpad mapping has also been extended to include its CV-based sequencing modules. This streamlined, zero-configuration connection between Numerology 3.1 and the Launchpad answers the call for a powerful hardware/software performance oriented solution.
With the release of Numerology 3.1, it is now possible to run Numerology as a VST plugin in any Mac OS X host. The Numerology 3.1 VST allows users to greatly expand their compositional options with the added convenience of direct MIDI routing from the plugin to the host. Like the AU version, the Numerology VST includes over fifty modules for MIDI step sequencing, CV sequencing, MIDI and CV signal processing, sample-based synthesizers, and audio signal processing all contained in one plugin.
Numerology 3.1 requires an Apple Macintosh computer running Mac OS X version 10.4.11 or higher, 2GB RAM, and a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher. An Intel dual-core processor is recommended for Numerology 3.1 Pro.
Numerology VST and AU plugins require an Apple Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher with an Intel CPU.
Pricing and Availability:
Numerology 3.1 is available in two editions. The Standard Edition ($129 USD), is for anyone that wants an economical step sequencing addition to their studio. The Pro version ($199 USD) offers a more advanced feature set, including multi-output support for hosted Audio Units, OSC support, custom scale quantization, and many other advanced signal processing modules. Numerology 3.1 is currently available for purchase from the Five12 website. More information:

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