Space Station Soundset for Tone2 Gladiator

Features 88 Synth & Pad Sounds      30/07/11

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Design A Sound has introduced Space Station - a soundset for Tone2 Gladiator2.

The soundset contains 88 patches - Synth & Pad sounds. 

Here's what they have to say about the soundset:

The main theme is: "Long Release sounds" so there are a lot of warm, calm, long sounds as well as icy, cold, shimmering, "big room", space like flavours. You can use these sounds in background, during breakdowns.

You can preview the Space Station sounds above.

Pricing and Availability

Space Station is available now as donationware. "Donate as much as you want (but the minimum is 13 $) and the soundbank is yours."


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news

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