Line 6 Goes Live With Digital Wireless Tv

GB Ustream broadcast focus on new wireless tech      21/06/11

Line 6 Goes Live With Digital Wireless Tv

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You may or may not be aware that the wireless audio system has had a major shakeup in the UK  - the frequencies available for wireless mics and guitar systems (channel 38 + 69) has been sold off by the Government - plans made without considering the implications for live enterntainment. As a result there's been a bit of a scramble to find a fequency to put all the live vocals, theatre and presentation gear. It has meant that we've all got to retire our old, perfectly working equipment for the new models which tune in to the new legal (channel 70) frequency. After 2012 you can be prosecuted for using gear tuned to older channels.

Fortunately Line 6 have had the forsight to sidestep this issue and introduce their own range of digital wireless systems - see our Relay G90 review, and use the Wifi 2.4gHz frequency for their new range of Relay for guitar and XD-V (guitar) systems. They have also launched a new Ustream channel to broadcast a few live events - the next one focusses on their new wireless range.

On Thursday June 23rd you can hook up with Guy Coker, whose innovative digital wireless design inspired the Line 6 family of Relay® and XD-V wireless systems.

'He and Line 6 guitar guru Sean Halley will show you how easily you can go wireless using our best-selling* Relay® G30 and G50/90 digital guitar wireless systems. Stompbox-sized Relay systems fit easily into your pedalboard, can go anywhere in your signal chain, and sound as good as a high-end guitar cable.
For singers, our XD-V digital wireless mic systems provide not only a stellar wireless signal, but a host of other winning features like switchable polarity and different models of the most famous vocal mics in the world.
If you’ve ever been curious to know more about digital wireless, now is your chance! Watch Line 6 Live  on May 26, 2011, 9-10pm GMT.
Log in if you’d like to submit questions live during the broadcast. See you there!”


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