Casio Keyboard Praised

US WK-7500 workstation/keyboard receives Keyboard magazine's KeyBuy Award      03/06/11

Casio Keyboard Praised

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Casio America, Inc. has announced that the WK-7500 workstation/keyboard has received Keyboard magazine's KeyBuy Award. Here's their press release with the details...
One of the music industry's most respected publications, Keyboard grants the KeyBuy Award for products that "represent a genuine technological breakthrough, are the best in their class and offer more bang for the buck."
The WK-7500, reviewed in the June issue of the magazine, was praised for its "wicked price/performance, drawbar organ, light weight portability", and termed it "The $500 Wonder Workstation." Keyboard magazine says the WK-7500 is "a knockout to have around for jamming, songwriting, and getting ideas down."
"Every manufacturer covets this award and we are extremely honored to receive it four years in a row," said Mike Martin, General Manager of Marketing for the Electronic Musical Instruments Division of Casio America, Inc. "As the newest addition to the Casio keyboard line, the WK-7500 is the only portable keyboard – ever – that lets you actually produce and record a song anywhere; even on the beach. It's the first portable workstation/keyboard under $1,000.00 to record audio, its amazing how convenient Casio has made composing and recording."
Casio's WK-7500 delivers an unprecedented level of power and music making capabilities, in a sleek lightweight package. The workstation/keyboard has the ability to record audio files that can be saved and shared via an SDHC storage card. With Casio, musicians can now incorporate external instruments into their compositions through the audio line inputs. Simply plug in a microphone, guitar, bass or other instrument and play along with MIDI instrument tracks stored on the keyboard.
In addition, the WK-7500 provides an organ simulation in which the sound is contoured by physical drawbars, offering sound ranges that previously were only available in higher priced organs. All the organ sound controls, drum patterns and built-in sounds (800) can be recorded on the built-in 16-track sequencer and saved along with a lead vocal or guitar part.
"For the first time ever, you get a professional level of sounds and sequencing in a portable keyboard," says Martin. Keyboard magazine praised the WK-7500 as "the heart of a home studio for songwriters and composers of modest means. Right now, that's a lot of us!"
Additional Product Features:
  • 76 piano-style keys
  • 800 built in tones and 250 rhythms in a variety of musical styles
  • A five song, 16 track, 30,000 note sequencer with event editing, quantizing, punch in/out and more
  • Nine physical sliders for organ drawbar mode or mixer operation
  • 32 mixer for adjustment of volume, pan, reverb, chorus and other parameters
  • 96 Registration memories for live performance
  • Large backlit graphic LCD screen
Pricing and Availability:
The WK-7500 is now available with an MSRP of $699.99. More information:

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