Podcast: SONIC TALK 220 - Instant Modular Cocktails

US Mac malware, Tonto, industry truths, Ian Boddy      02/06/11

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71:47 mins

   Gaz Williams - Songsurgeon.co.uk
    PJ Tracy - composer PJTracyMusic.com
    Mark Tinley - Creative thinker, sound artist LikeBeing.com
   Dave Spiers - makers of fine software instruments

   Rich Hilton - from camp Chic where he mans the controls for Nile Rodgers' private studio. 

A flying visit from Mr Dave Spiers - who popped in bearing cocktails - which remained hidden until we were on air - thanks Mr S, lovely surprise! Topics covered included the first major malware incident on Mac OSX, a lovely video tour of legendary instrument - TONTO. A slightly morose but informative view of the state of the music industr, then a quick look at Ian Boddy's new sample collection.

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