49 New Music Hacks

From Music Hack Day Berlin      29/05/11

49 New Music Hacks

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Organizers of Music Hack Day Berlin have compiled a list of the hacks developed during the course of the event, held May 28-29, 2011, in Berlin. 

The hacks include a Web interface into Ableton Live, an HTML 5 'Game of Live' sequencer, a step sequencer for iPhone, an open-source AutoTune app for Android, a SoundCloud-based audio comment system for blogs and a generative game system based on audio files. 

For details on the hacks, check out the links below. 


  1. Berlin Sample Hack - Copy this example hack for your own description
  2. AudioJedit - May there be crop.
  3. Javascript MP3 Decoder - NIH syndrome? Maybe! Still looking for contributors.
  4. ControllerJSm - Control gear with real code.
  5. AbletonJSM - Control ableton from your browser
  6. LiveOSCUpdate - Bring LiveOSC up to date with Live 8.2.2
  7. vTouch - Multitouch HTML5 Canvas Ableton Live Remote Control
  8. Zmbresearch - The sound of Zombie outbreak patterns
  9. Cloudradio - Creating SoundCloud radio stations
  10. PloppAufVideo - Youtube-Version of 'Pop-Up Video'
  11. Sequence of Life - HTML5 ToneMatrix-style step sequencer, populated with game of life
  12. sleev.in - A tool to share your favorite album of the moment with a little personal note.
  13. Heavy Shoes - Using Kinect to transform yourself into a instrument
  14. RedAntenna meets SoundCloud - Sell your SoundCloud content via social networks or directly from your website through the shareable RedAntenna Flash MiniShop. Use your mobile phone to pay.
  15. Journaleaks - personalized leaking protection
  16. mpc1k - Node.js based preset generator for the AKAI MPC 1000. Downloads samples from SoundCloud playlists.
  17. Berlin Transit Pulse - Public transport sound
  18. SquareFoundation - iPhone sequencer concept
  19. Android Autotune Intent - opensource autotune on android
  20. NoiseCloud - Collaborative art-noise synthesis on the Web
  21. Slide Guitar - The Jack White style
  22. Sound Nebula - Old school shoot 'em up meets rhythm game in the browser
  23. Lamer Soxxed - Exploring the utilities of Lame & Sox by means of enhancing Rebecca Black's Hitsong.
  24. musync - m[:u]sync - Play SoundCloud Sounds synchronized among multiple devices
  25. Senti(Com)ment - Take all comments from the hottest song on SoundCloud. Compute their average sentiment on Musicmetric.
  26. CloudComments - A service for easily adding audio comments to a page
  27. eigendrums - Let the body control your beat!
  28. TwitRadio - Listen to what others are listening to thanks to twitter and soundcloud
  29. Tractor - Chrome extension that pulls in Songkick's upcoming events, Last.fm images, SoundCloud music and Musicmetric data about the bands you read about while you browse.
  30. KaraokeCloud - A SoundCloud 'Karoake' player.
  31. Beatmate - further development of an ipad app
  32. Music Haekelday - Puts your old tapes in the cloud and hides them in the city
  33. lastcred.fm - Last.fm without shame
  34. Cloud in a very very long cave - Game with levels generated from your favorite tracks.
  35. MyTunes2Recipe - Song/playlist to recipe converter
  36. Mactar - Wireless Mac Keyboard Guitar
  37. AroundPlayer - Play around with parts of songs
  38. Bandleader - Max for live patch: intelligent and dominant loop station
  39. The Revolution Will Not Be In HTML 5 - The hack will not be about Gil Scott-Heron
  40. Stefan Hintz - interactive animated music sequencing and composition tool using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.
  41. YADSS - Yet Another Damn Stupid Songbook
  42. Merciless Absurtagger - tag (& legalize) your MP3 collection
  43. NowLive - Today's concerts on Android
  44. MuseScore score commenting - Add annotation on top of your scores online on musescore.com
  45. RecordTag - Record SoundCloud audio notes on your images within ThingLink tag editor
  46. CrazyWheels - Android-app for playing small sounds via wheels
  47. RealTimeSentiTweetGagasm - Real time sentiment analysis (using the Musicmetric API) on tweets about Lady Gaga compared to real time Last.fm likes and bans.
  48. Fill - Discover and download new music (http://fill.fm)
  49. talking android first approach getting an android phone "singing" based ond pd (PDLib) for Android

James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news

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