Waves Certification Program At SAE

Waves and SAE announce that the WCP will arrive pre-installed on students' laptops      17/05/11

Waves Certification Program At SAE

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Here's the press release in full:
The Waves Certification Program (WCP) has partnered with the SAE Institute, the world's foremost audio engineering, animation, multimedia and film training institution, to incorporate the WCP into all Audio Technology Program students' laptop package and curriculum. The WCP is an extensive training curriculum that provides a high-quality, standardized means of mastering Waves plugins and the concepts behind them. Under the agreement, students will also be eligible to gain the certification once passing the Waves certification exam. This program is included in all six SAE United States locations.
The WCP, which includes five Waves plugins (Renaissance EQ, Renaissance Compressor, C1 Parametric Compander, Renaissance Reverb, and SuperTap Delay), teaches the fundamentals of working with Waves processors and gives students hands-on experience. Students gain mastery over the Waves user interface on multitrack "mix-minus" sessions, using directed demonstrations and Waves' acclaimed OpenMix technology. They also learn how to solve common mix problems using Waves processors.
Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1976 as The School of Audio Engineering, SAE Institute now has campuses in over 50 cities across the globe and is a leading international provider of audio engineering, animation, multimedia and film production courses. Developed as the first combined practical and theoretical curriculum in audio engineering, SAE's unique education approach remains the only one of its kind in the world. By providing hands-on training in combination with access to the very latest in state-of-the-art equipment, SAE ensures students' knowledge and skill levels are relevant to industry expectations. Its first courses began humbly within its four-track recording studio, and have developed into a worldwide network of campuses, boasting some of the most advanced equipment and facilities available to students studying in the creative media industries.
SAE Institute currently has its U.S. campuses in New York, Nashville, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta and Los Angeles, with plans to expand to several other cities in the near future.
Chris Davie, SAE Vice President of Operations, stated, "We are extremely excited to have the Waves certification program as part of SAE's curriculum and student laptop package, we feel there is great value in each of our Audio Technology students having both the software and certification wrapped into their studies."
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