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Inspired By The SCI Prophet VS      22/04/11

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This video, via myVST, demos Augur -a  free VST for Windows that was inspired by the Prophet VS synth.

Vector Synthesis is a type of audio synthesis introduced by Sequential Circuits in the Prophet VS synthesizer during 1986. The concept was subsequently used by Yamaha in the SY22/TG33 and similar instruments and by Korg in the Wavestation. Vector Synthesis allows users to dynamically four distinct waveforms with a joystick and as a result it can break free of the relatively static waveforms of both analogue and sample based instruments. By crossfading between different waves over time, we can achieve tones that range from slowly shifting atmospheres to harsh, industrial tones.


Smart Electronix Augur is free download for Windows.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news

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