Foo Fighters Give Away Master Tape Cuts

Buy Wasting Light and you might get one chord      15/04/11

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The new Foo Fighters album has been very well received (to say the least) by the public and by critics, and right now they can't seem to stay out of the press (we've already written one story about them this week).

So in another move of pure PR genius, the band have given away cuttings of their master tapes inside copies of the album, Wasting Light.

With the size of the cuttings, you might only get part of a chord, or a tiny bit of a cymbal splash, but it is a chance to own a physical piece of history.


Dave Grohl told LA Weekly:

"Everyone was so precious about tapes, so afraid they're gonna shed or break or something will happen to them ... and that just made me want to destroy it. I thought, 'let's chop it up into a million pieces, and give it to the people who buy the album so they can hold it in their hands and see it.'"


"There's something about pulling out a real tape from a shelf and looking at it and knowing that 'Everlong' is on it, or 'Best Of You' is on it, and it's really special. I say that to say you can touch it and know it's real, so we decided to chop it up and put it in the album."


Speaking about the digital/analog debate, Grohl said:

"I think it's much easier than using a computer- you just plug in the machine, and you put your microphone in input and get your levels and hit the red button and that's IT. You don't have to scroll through, don't have to install anything; it's really, really simple. Been about 15 years since anyone had recorded an album to analog tape."



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