MESSE11: New Roland Organs

US Compact C-200 single manual introduced, C-330 now available in Dark Oak finish      08/04/11

MESSE11: New Roland Organs

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Roland is proud to announce the C-200 Classic Organ, a new addition to the Roland Classic instrument family. Designed for trained classical musicians, students, and anyone who loves keyboards from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the Roland Classic series is inspired by the instruments used to create the masterworks of classical music by history's finest composers.
The successor to the popular C-190, the C-200 is for traditional organists who want great sounds and features in a portable instrument. It's equipped with authentic classical organ sounds and orchestral voices, plus Harpsichord, Fortepiano, Piano, and Celesta sounds for accompaniment in Baroque ensembles. The user interface is extremely simple and intuitive, with dedicated buttons for sound selection and choosing among four Baroque pitches and five different temperaments.
The C-200 features a 76-note virtual dual-manual keyboard with individually defined upper and lower sections, allowing users to achieve true dual-manual performance from a compact instrument. It also provides a wide key range for playing piano sounds. Support for an optional PK-series pedalboard (PK-5A, PK-7A, or PK-25A) is included as well.
Superb sound is provided with the built-in stereo speaker system, and pleasant ambience effects emulate the rich sound experience of playing in a large hall or cathedral. Also onboard is an easy-to-use recorder for music practice.
With its compact design and traditional sounds, the C-200 is perfect for gigging classical musicians and students alike. It's also well-suited for use with choirs and gospel groups, and makes a great portable instrument for church use in chapels and cathedrals.
Roland is pleased to announce the C-330-DA Classic Organ, a version of the acclaimed C-330 in a handsome dark oak finish. Along with the original light oak C-330, the C-330-DA offers players a compact yet feature-rich instrument with dual manuals, an integrated pedalboard, and authentic pipe organ sound, touch, and spatial ambience.
The C-330 and C-330-DA are dream instruments for hobbyists, students, and serious performers, providing cathedral-size sound without requiring a cathedral-size space. With an incredibly compact design that's 50 inches wide and 36 inches deep including the pedalboard, these organs will fit easily into nearly any space.
High-quality sounds from the Rodgers and Roland digital organ library offer a wide range of taste and styles, from the Baroque era to the large romantic organs of the 19th and 20th centuries. At the heart of C-330-DA is Roland's newly developed sound module that faithfully reproduces the elements that make up the tone of acoustic pipes, including air pressure sent from the wind chest, slight variations in pitch that create full-bodied harmonies, and undulations produced by pipes as they generate sound. Natural tones are created, and phrasings are now possible that have been difficult to reproduce in the past, such as variations in how attack and decay respond to subtle differences in touch.
The C-330-DA is equipped with a newly designed dual-manual tracker-action keyboard (61 keys on each manual), as well as a parallel concave pedalboard with 30 pedals. The keyboard and pedals perfectly compliment the organ's beautiful sound, providing genuine pipe organ feel with a smooth, responsive, and quiet action.
A four-channel digital amplifier and Roland Sound Space ambience technology enables organists to choose a virtual room size, wall type, and reverb depth to create the authentic acoustic space of a cathedral, church, or concert hall. Also included with the C-330-DA are two satellite speakers which, when installed on a wall or ceiling, create the natural soundscape of a real pipe organ.

C-330-DA... we resisted the temptation to use the words organ and woody in this caption
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