MESSE11: New Hardware VSTi / ASIO Host

Lionstracs Groove XR runs ten VSTi and ASIO host engines simultaneously      08/04/11

MESSE11: New Hardware VSTi / ASIO Host

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Lionstracs Groove XR is being promoted as the workstation of tomorrow . Here's what its makers have to say about it...
The Groove X-R runs ten VSTi and ASIO host engines simultaneously. That's a big improvement on competing systems that provide a single VSTi / ASIO host environment, which limits the musician's choices to running single-manufacturer plug-ins.
So for example, in one Groove X-R host engine you can run the Hammond B3™ Organ from Native Instruments™ Vintage Organs collection, and you can trigger this from any controller or MIDI source. In another engine you can run one of the Bristol Audio vintage synths, say an ARP Odyssey™ 2600, and you can trigger this from another controller or MIDI source. In the remaining eight engines you can run eight separate instances of the provided Sonic Projects OP-X Pro II synthesizer, each instance playing a different preset.
You can have up to ten MIDI-USB keyboards or controllers connected and each can play a different VSTi / ASIO synthesizer loaded into memory and with its own virtual desktop page. It is a complete band in a box. We challenge musicians to show us any other system that allows all these different plug-ins and controllers from different manufacturers to run simultaneously with independent Audio and MIDI routing.
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