MESSE11: Korg Workstation Gets A Little Help From Waves

US Korg implements Waves MaxxAudio sound enhancement in its Pa3X professional arranger workstations      08/04/11

MESSE11: Korg Workstation Gets A Little Help From Waves

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The CE Division of Waves has announced a new collaborative project resulting in the launch of the Pa3X professional arranger keyboard workstation which uses Waves' MX5010 semiconductor. They say that MX5010 features proprietary Waves technologies: MaxxBass® for rich bass, MaxxTreble™ for crystal-clear highs, MaxxVolume™ for powerful levels and MaxxEQ™ 7-band paragraphic equalizer. Here's the rest of what they have to say...
The Waves MX5010 semiconductor integrates a high-performance 24-bit DSP core with pre-programmed MaxxAudio algorithms for a powerful and cost-effective sound enhancement solution. The benefits of utilizing the MX5010 in the Korg Pa3X are numerous. Providing 24-bit processing at up to 48kHz, the MX5010 DSP delivers pristine audio quality. The MX5010's proprietary technologies provide wide-ranging sound enhancements: MaxxTreble, MaxxEQ and MaxxBass let users sculpt output frequency response with pinpoint precision, and MaxxVolume adds presence, making every song and every arrangement more "upfront" and powerful.
The most realistic-sounding and easy-to-use arranger workstation ever produced, the Pa3X is the new flagship of Korg's Pa Series. The Korg Pa Series sets the professional standard for interactive arranger workstations and the Pa3X raises the bar, with more realistic sounds, fresh yet elegant design and with the implementation of Waves MaxxAudio, the highest quality sound ever by an arranger workstation.
"Korg spent a lot of time looking for a powerful, rich set of audio enhancing tools to take the world-famous Professional Arranger series to an all-new level," stated John McCubbery, Vice President, Korg International Sales & Marketing. "The Pa3X is the new flagship in the Korg Arranger family, so we wanted to move beyond a simple audio boost. Waves MaxxAudio exceeded our expectations in that it provided intelligent and sensitive sound enhancement that simultaneously boosts the overall sound quality, adds to the instrument realism and enriches the audience experience, all the while being transparent with no distracting artifacts. All our listening tests, both in the studio and in front of live audiences, in a variety of sound environments, convinced us that Waves MaxxAudio was the right audio partner for the Pa3X. We have always asked the Professional Arranger musicians and audience to 'Listen and Believe'; we can now do so with more confidence than ever."
"For decades, Korg has been at the forefront of the M.I. market, and we're delighted that they've chosen Waves real-time mastering tools to enhance their sound,"
stated Tomer Elbaz, General Manager of Waves Audio Semiconductor and Licensing Division. "It has been great to work with Korg's engineering team on the Pa3X, resulting in a new benchmark for professional arranger workstations."
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