Comprehensive Guide To SONAR X1 announces a new book - SONAR X1 Power      31/03/11

Comprehensive Guide To SONAR X1

Buying Choices has announced the release of the SONAR X1 Power! book (ISBN: 978-1-435-45850-5) by Scott R. Garrigus (author of the Cakewalk SONAR and Sony Sound Forge Power book series). Here' the press release with all the details...
SONAR X1 Power! is the first comprehensive guide to deal exclusively with Cakewalk Music Software's SONAR X1 MIDI and digital audio sequencing application.
Covering all X1 versions (Producer, Studio, and Essential), SONAR X1 Power! is the ninth edition of the best-selling SONAR Power book series providing detailed training for Cakewalk's SONAR X1 music recording software. Written for both new users and veteran upgraders alike, SONAR X1 Power! walks you through all of the features of the software with step-by-step instructions and exercises.
New users will start at the beginning and learn everything they need to know to use SONAR X1 for recording, editing, producing, mixing, and bringing their music to the masses. Upgraders will learn about all the new features in SONAR X1 as well as enhancements to existing features that may affect their current production workflow.
Some of the new features covered include: the new global Smart Tools; the media, plug-in, and synth Browser; the enhanced track Inspector; the MultiDock tabbed window view; the Control Bar global toolbar; Screensets; new workflow in all the views (Track, Piano Roll, Staff, etc.); plus the new features from SONAR 8.5 are also covered; and more.
About Scott R. Garrigus
Scott R. Garrigus has been involved with music and computers since he was 12 years old. He holds a B.A. in music performance with an emphasis in sound recording technology. In 1995, his first article appeared in Electronic Musician magazine, and in 2000, he authored his first book, Cakewalk Power! He is now the author of several books, including Sound Forge 8 Power! and SONAR 8 Power! He continues to contribute articles to a number of print and online publications. He also publishes his own music technology newsletter, called DigiFreq, which provides free news, reviews, tips and techniques to over 20,000 music technology users.
Pricing and Availability:
SONAR X1 Power! is currently available at an introductory discount off the list price of $49.99 More information:


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