Mixing Console Comes With Propellerhead Software

Midas VeniceF includes Record as a multitrack recording system, plug-in host and virtual FX rack      25/02/11

Mixing Console Comes With Propellerhead Software

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Propellerhead Software has announced that their Record software has been chosen by premium mixing console maker Midas to be included with all new VeniceF mixing consoles. Here's the press release with all of the details...
The recently-launched VeniceF mixing console features the full functionality and sound quality of the much-loved Midas XL3 EQ and filter section, Midas mic preamps, 100mm faders, increased channel and input count, a dual 7x2 matrix and a reorganised master section layout. Furthermore the VeniceF's 32x32 FireWire capability adds 32 channels of multitrack recording and playback (VeniceF 320) using any suitable FireWire-equipped computer, without the need for additional costly interfaces.
Although specifically designed for live sound, the VeniceF is equally at home in recording and remixing applications. Each Midas VeniceF console includes a free 60-day trial version of RECORD, which functions as a multitrack recording system, plug-in host and virtual FX rack with an impressive choice of creative FX options. RECORD will operate in conjunction with almost any FireWire-equipped Mac or PC.
"For us, RECORD was an obvious choice," says Midas Klark Teknik's brand development manager Richard Ferriday. "Very early in our negotiations with Propellerhead, we realized we were dealing with a company who shared our passion for audio, our proclivity for an intuitive user-interface, and our commitment to provide a quality product. All a perfect match for VeniceF – you could almost call it synergy."
About Midas
Midas live performance mixing consoles have been used by the world's most demanding sound engineers, performers and rental companies for three decades. The company strives to raise the standards of sonic quality through its programme of continual research and development, implementing new control functionality and user-friendly desk operation to anticipate and accommodate the ever-evolving needs of audio professionals who specify Midas consoles for their major tours, festivals, international events, broadcast projects and prestigious fixed installations.
About Propellerhead Software
Formed in 1994, Propellerhead Software is a privately owned company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Renowned for its musician-centric approach, Propellerhead has created some of the world's most innovative music software applications and technology standards. Musicians, producers and the media have praised Record, Reason, ReCycle and ReBirth applications for being inspiring, great sounding and of superior quality. Technologies such as ReWire and the REX file format are de-facto industry standards, implemented in all major music software. Today, Propellerhead's products are used all over the world by hundreds of thousands of professionals and enthusiasts for all kinds of music making.
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