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iOS DJ Software Gets Updates, Bug Fixes      23/02/11

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Capsulated Software has updated its iOS DJ app, Cue Play DJ, to version 1.6. 

Version 1.6 includes scratching, in-app recording and an advanced hot cue system. 

Here's what's new......

For all devices:

  • Kill/Punch/Slam buttons
  • added the ability to search for tracks/artists by typing in text.
  • added punch/kill/slam buttons; to punch in/cut out tracks or slam the crossfader across.
  • added a crossfader on the horizontal screen.
  • added a new low/high pass filter.
  • cue points can now be added from the Hot Cue panel via ADD buttons.
  • double tapping the crossfader will move it to the centre.
  • a track that has been played during your DJ set will be coloured in RED. 
  • track length is displayed on the load screen.
  • beat grids can now be adjusted in 0.02 BPM increments (was 0.1)
  • fixed the WiFi transmission mode bug. WiFi
  • fixed the QuickGuide bug.
  • if a track fails to import from the iPod library, the exact reason why will now be displayed.

New features for 3GS, iPod 3, Phone 4, iPod 4 and iPad only:

  • rewritten audio engine
  • scratching
  • the waveform now has momentum, so a quick flick will result in something similar to a backspin/forward spin
  • iPod import speed (with no BPM calculation) is now 10x faster.
  • iPod import speed (with BPM calculation) is now 2x faster.
  • waveforms are now drawn ‘live’ not prerendered, fixing a waveform offset bug
  • when zoomed in, you can adjust the zoom level to display either 2, 4 or 6 seconds of audio data on screen.
  • when zoomed out, you can tap anywhere on the waveform to instantly skip to that location
  • the waveform is updated 20 times per second (was originally 10)
  • the VU LEDs now flash at 30 times per second (was originally 10)

New features for iPhone 4, iPod 4 and iPad only

  • on device recording.

Bug fix for iPhone 4/iPod 4

  • fixed the slowdown issue

Pricing and Availability

Cue Play DJ is available now in the App Store for US $9.99. A free "Lite" version is also available. 

James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news

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