Omnisphere Gets An Update And An iPAD Control Surface

Spectrasonics Omnisphere version 1.5 and Omni TR officially released      21/02/11

Omnisphere Gets An Update And An iPAD Control Surface

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You may have seen our Spectrasonics videos from NAMM but here's the official press release that the company has just sent out...
Spectrasonics today have released Omnisphere version 1.5, a major update to their flagship synthesizer virtual instrument, and Omni TR their brand new iPad app that acts as a "touch remote" (TR) for Omnisphere v1.5. Both products are free downloads for registered users.
We are proud to announce a major new version of our award-winning Power Synth Omnisphere® - which includes a host of new features, in particular a new interactive interface called "The Orb" offering stunning real-time synthesis manipulation capabilities, along with many deeply expanded additions to the synthesis engine and user interface. The update also includes many important user-requested features such as the new 5-Column Browser view and support for polyphonic aftertouch. The new version also includes a significant update to the factory patch library - 780 brand new patches which take advantage of all the new sound design capabilities and brings the total number of included sounds to over 8,000.
Highlights of Omnisphere 1.5
  • Innovative "Orb" 'circular sound manipulation' interface with Motion Recording and "Dice" button for infinite variations and one-touch sound customization
  • Expanded Synthesis capabilities:
    • Harmonia: New zoom page shows all Harmonia parameters per layer adding up to 10 oscillators per patch with new independent modulation options for Levels and Fine Tuning on each Harmonia oscillator.
    • Waveshaper: New zoom page with extreme new processing modules including polyphonic 'Crusher' and 'Reducer' sections with 'Force' and 'Animation' controls that can all be modulated.
    • Granular Synthesis: New 'Speed' and 'Position' modes. New zoom page with new 'Granular Visualizer' showing a graphic model of the effect of parameter edits which makes Granular synthesis easier to use.
  • Patch Library Update: 780 brand new patches created by renowned Spectrasonics sound development team gives Omnisphere over 5,000 patches and 8,000 total included sounds!
  • New 5-Column Browser view displays more sound categories and attributes simultaneously
  • Support for new 'Omni TR' iPad app
  • New "Most Recent" Browser sorting option
  • Added support for MIDI devices which send polyphonic aftertouch
  • New 'Clone Part' feature allows easier editing/setup with multichannel MIDI controllers
  • New MIDI Learn hardware control mode follows Live Mode selection
  • Modulation Envelope points can be key-command snapped to semitone when modulating pitch
  • User-assignable Legato Interval rule added
  • FREE update for all registered users of Omnisphere!
Introducing Omni TR - a new app from Spectrasonics that turns the iPad into a touch control surface for Omnisphere:
The 'Touch Remote' Concept Omni TR introduces our unique 'Touch Remote' concept, which combines the tactile advantages of the iPad with our powerful computer-based virtual instruments. The end result is an inspiring "hands-on" interactive performance experience that opens up many new possibilities to users of Spectrasonics instruments. With Omni TR, you can create Omnisphere setups and sound modifications on the fly, activate sounds, tweak filters, remix, bend and spin amazing performance variations!
Live Performance Interface
With its high contrast interface, 'Omni TR' is perfect onstage for live performance or even in the studio where the iPad sits at the controller keyboard located away from the studio computer. Best of all, the Omni TR app is extremely easy to use, offering full two-way communication with Omnisphere with just a simple wireless connection to the computer running the plug-in.
Pricing and Availability:
free downloads for registered users More information:


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