WNAMM11: Best In Show

Gen16 Acoustic Electric (AE) Cymbals are the winners of NAMM's Best In Show award      24/01/11

WNAMM11: Best In Show

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Gen16, the new technology division of the Avedis Zildjian Company, has been awarded the prestigious "Best in Show" award at this year's winter NAMM Convention. Here's their press release telling the story...
Seven music retail experts toured the Convention Center for three days to select the best and brightest of this year's offerings, and selected Gen16's revolutionary Acoustic Electric (AE) Cymbals as one of the breakout hits of NAMM 2011.
Even before the show's official opening, Internet blogs and forums were buzzing with anticipation over Gen16's innovative new products, fueling a steady stream of crowds around the Gen16 booth throughout every hour of the show's four days.
Unlike MIDI trigger pads, Gen16's AE Cymbals are real acoustic cymbals that sound and respond just like a traditional cymbal, but play at less than a quarter of the volume. A patented dual microphone system and sophisticated digital signal processing enables the AE Cymbal to create a range of natural cymbal sounds without the use of sampling or MIDI.
"The AE Cymbal represents a true paradigm shift for musicians," says John Roderick, Zildjian's VP of New Business and Product Development. "It's an entirely new instrument, much like the Fender Rhodes was to the acoustic piano, or the electric bass to the upright bass, and we believe it will have a comparable creative influence on musicians and their music."
The AE Cymbal was one of several innovative products introduced by Gen16 at NAMM. Other Gen16 products on display included the AE Rack, a revolutionary new hardware system for acoustic and electric drums and percussion, the Digital Vault library of high-quality samples of Zildjian's most rare and sought-after cymbals, the interactive Groove Player app for iPad and iPhone, and the new Gen16Grooves.com online store.
Zildjian CEO Craigie Zildjian summed it up. "The Zildjian company has been making cymbals since 1623, making us one of the world's oldest family-owned businesses," she says. "With Gen16, we're making a bold and definitive statement for Zildjian in the 21st century."
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