The Music Industry In 2010: Doom & Gloom

Album Sales Down In Every Category - Except Rap      06/01/11

The Music Industry In 2010: Doom & Gloom

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Media analysts Nielsen SoundScan have announced their report on music sales in 2010 - and it paints a bleak picture for the industry. 

Sales were down in almost every form factor in 2010, compared to 2009:

  • Overall Music Sales were down by 2.4%
  • Total Album Sales were down 12.7%
  • Internet Album Sales were down 1.6%
  • Holiday Season Album Sales were down 10.7%
  • Digital Track Sales were up 1%
Sales were also down in every category, except for rap:
  • Alternative -21%
  • Christian/Gospel -13%
  • Classical -26%
  • Country -5%
  • Jazz -25%
  • Latin -25%
  • Metal -16%
  • New Age -29%
  • R&B -17%
  • Rap +3%
  • Rock -16%
  • Soundtrack -14%

Other 2010 music industry factoids:

  • There were 240 million physical album sales in 2010; a decline of 19% over 2009.
  • The only genre (other than Rap) that did not see a double digit decline was Country, which is down 5% over 2009.
  • More vinyl albums were purchased in 2010 (2.8 million) than any other year in the history of Nielsen SoundScan. The previous record was in 2009 with 2.5 million LP album sales.
  • 71% of all vinyl albums were purchased at an independent music store during 2010.
  • Vinyl album sales in 2010 were up 14% compared to 2009 and accounted for 1% of all album sales.

Is it time to put out a rap record on vinyl? 

Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Source: Nielsen; Image: Denim Dave

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