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Synthesist Mark Mosher has launched a new site offering free patches for virtual synthesizers, the Modulate This! Patch Lab.

Here's what he has to say about the new project:

I’ve had a passion for programming synths and working with samplers for over 20 years. I’m constantly experimenting and creating new patches with a large variety of electronic music instruments. I’m also creating original harmonic content via field recordings and re-synthesis.

While many of these patches are used in my original music and sound compositions, I have a lot of patches that have yet to be used. This led me to thinking of ways I might share my past and future patches and samples so you could use them in your work.

I also hope that by listening to these sounds, reading my notes, and spending time to reverse engineer these patches will help inspire you to go deeper with synthesis and sound design so you can add unique sounds and timbres to your music and sound compositions.

The Patch Lab patches will be available under a non-exclusive royalty-free license.

You can check out a video demo of Mosher's presets for Harmless synthesizer above. 


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