Six Classic Drum Machines For Live

US Puremagnetik Releases MachineKits for Ableton Live      13/12/10

Six Classic Drum Machines For Live

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Puremagnetik tells us that MachineKits brings together six classic drum machines, over 1900 high quality samples, and a huge selection of clips. They say that MachineKits is a perfect add-on to Ableton's drum machines, programmed by the same sound designers.
Kits include lifelike re-creations of a complete MFB modular percussion system, the Simmons SDS-1, and Ace Tone Rhythm Ace.
MachineKits features:
  • An integrated add-on to Ableton's drum machines, programmed by the same sound designers.
  • 6 sophisticated kits
  • Over 120 intricately programmed Live Clips
  • Close to 1GB of over 1900 high quality Samples (24-bit 96khz)
  • Advanced Macro mappings for precision sound tweaking and performance.
Installation Size: 936.4 MB
Download Size: 576.8 MB
Requires Live Intro or Live Version 8.2.1 or higher
2GB of RAM recommended
Pricing and Availability:
MachineKits is now available through the Ableton and Puremagnetik web shops. Customers can save 10 USD / 10 EUR until December 19th from both shops.
Price: USD 39 / EUR 29 (Until Dec 19th USD 29 / EUR 19)
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