Madrona Labs Updates Aalto

Gets Speed Bump, Presets From Alessandro Cortini, Simon Ball      26/11/10

Madrona Labs Updates Aalto

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Madrona Labs has announced an update to Aalto, the company's semi-modular software synthesizer. 

Here's what's new in Aalto v1.1:

  • Aalto now runs 25 to 50% faster than version 1.0.
  • Easy install using Apple's Installer puts Aalto's bits where they belong.
  • New preset management UI: Load and save presets from the Aalto window.
  • Copy and paste presets: From the preset menu to and from the clipboard, for easy sharing, editing, and backup.
  • Host sync: Aalto's sequencer now has rock-solid synchronization with your DAW's clock.
  • Tuning tables: Load tunings from the Scala .scl file format. Over 100 different tunings categorized by musical tradition are included.
  • Sequencer modes: Key trigger and loop mode allow new uses of the sequencer.
  • Presets: Aalto now comes with 30 new presets from programming guru Simon Ball of SoundsDivine, and 10 fun sound machine constructions from synth innovator Alessandro Cortini.

In addiion, many bug fixes have been implemented. Details at the Madrona Labs site. 


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