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Spoof documentary and experimental making-of videos      16/11/10

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Brian Eno seemingly shows his funny side in this viral Youtube video, promoting his new album, Small Craft On A Milk Sea.

If one looks closer at overbearing interviewer, Dick Flash of Pork Magazine, he begins to look surprisingly similar to the man on the receiving end of his verbal diarrhea.

Brian Eno plays both parts in this interview, which judging by the Youtube comments, many people still haven't quite worked out yet.

So Eno, the musical genius, seems to be something of a PR genius as well. The video has gone viral which is not surprising considering some of the comic gems unleashed by the master producer:

"There was a 13-year-old kid and we found out he was downloading some stuff of mine. The legal people, as they always do, want to take it into court. But I said hold on, hold on, lets chill out a little bit... and in the end we just sent one of the roadies round and smashed his bike up."

If fans of the legendary musician want to hear some content from the album, then head to Eno's website which hosts SoundCloud streamed audio and "Seven Sessions On A Milk Sea", an experimental audio/visual making-of series for the Milk Sea album. The latter really does give an insight into the way in which Eno works as a producer, and features improvised compositions from Brian Eno, John Hopkins, and Leo Abrahams.

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