More Motif Sounds

Kid Nepro releases five new volumes of sounds for the Motif XS and Motif XF series      28/10/10

More Motif Sounds

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Kid Nepro has released five new volumes of sounds for the Motif XS and Motif XF series. Each sound bank contains 128 new programs. Vol #5 also includes 50 new samples and 4 new drum kits. Here's the details that Kid Nepro has sent us...
  • Volume 1 - Studio/Session Mix
    Studio/Session mix is useful for musicians doing live gigs or studio sessions. There are a wide mix of keyboards, strings, guitars & basses, leads, brass, winds and other similar type sounds. They can be used in a wide range of styles including, rock, reggae, dance and even church services. Attention to real time control details like mod wheel and aftertouch give each program a more realistic sound and will give you greater control and more expressive playing in your music.
  • Volume 2 - Classic Synths
    Classic Synths has recreated the popular sound of the best vintage analog and digital synthesizers, adding many new real time control features found on the Motif. It's the best of the old and the new. Many Vintage Synth sounds that you would expect from this type of collection including synth basses, leads, pads and effects along with a few new patches unique to the Motif sound.
  • Volume 3 - Killer Keyboards
    Killer Keys can be used at live gigs or studio sessions and is perfect for the keyboard player or organist doing church services. The new sound bank gives you a wider variety of new electric & acoustic pianos, jazz, rock & pipe organs, funky calves, harpsichords and layered keyboard sounds mixed with strings, pads, choirs and brass.
  • Volume 4 - Soundtrack/Film Mix
    Soundtrack/Film Mix is perfect for composers doing film and TV production. Kid Nepro has created many different type "atmospheres" that can be used as background to a video, TV or movie soundtrack. Many of the sounds can also be used in new age or synth type audio tracks. There are tons of pads, special effects, alternate tunings and spacy rhythms using the motif arpeggiator.
  • Volume 5 - Hip Hop/R&B Mix
    Kid Nepro wanted to try something new with this sound bank so they dug into their large collection of sampled sounds. They started by importing fifty new WAV samples from their MPC and SP1200 sound libraries. Mostly classic drum samples; kicks, snares, hi hats as well as several horn, guitar and orchestra hits. In addition to the four new kits they also created the usual 128 new program voices. The voices combine the new multi samples as well as the factory samples. The 128 programs contain all the usual sounds that you will find useful in creating Hip Hop/R&B Tracks. New drum beats, basses, leads, guitars, hits, strings and pads and a wide variety of keyboard sounds.
Pricing and Availability:
Sound collections are $40. each or get all five for $150. More information:


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