New Version Of SSL AWS 900

US New features and doubled channel count transform one of the best selling SSL consoles of all time      27/10/10

New Version Of SSL AWS 900
AWS 948

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Here's the press release...
Solid State Logic, the world's leading manufacturer of professional digital and analogue consoles, is proud to present a radical update to the hugely successful AWS 900 console. Launched in 2004, the AWS reinvented the professional production console by combining classic SSL analogue console technology with DAW control hardware in a single work surface. Over 550 consoles later the AWS has evolved through several significant upgrades. Now, SSL proudly presents the first revolution, rather than evolution, of the AWS.
Maintaining the same well-established 24 fader footprint, the new AWS is now available in 24 Input (AWS 924) and 48 Input (AWS 948) variants and introduces significant new features including Dual Path Channels with stereo EQ & Insert, 8 fader bay Digital Scribble Strips and 'A-FADA' automation where motorised analogue faders follow DAW automation data.
The increase from 24 to 48 inputs on the AWS 948 is achieved via the introduction of a unique Dual Path Channel Strip design where each channel has a single mic pre and two line level inputs, a new Stereo EQ and Stereo Insert. This new channel enables three different operating modes: STEREO MIX, IN LINE MIX and IN LINE TRACKING. These differing modes offer a wealth of workflow options that enhance today's versatile production environments. The new Stereo EQ design featured on the AWS 948 is sonically identical to the SSL SuperAnalogue™ mono 4 band parametric Channel EQ but adds independent switching of HF/LF and Mid Frequency bands between E and G series tonal characteristics.
The new 'A-FADA' (Analogue Fader Accesses DAW Automation) mode brings the most radical change to the AWS 924 & 948. It enables the analogue motorised faders to follow Automation data from your DAW. This unique addition delivers all the sonic advantages of automation of the analogue audio path with the workflow advantages of DAW based Automation Data, with non linear editing and large GUI manipulation. Further enhancements to both the 924 and 948 include; a redesigned Meter Penthouse including a new Phase Meter and improved Master Metering, new LCD Digital Scribble Strips, updated cosmetic styling including "sexy" new console legs, the addition of the timesaving 'TR Autoscan', Summing Bus Injects for the CUE and FX busses and SD Card based Multiple Project storage.
About the new AWS 948 Operating Modes
The AWS 948 Dual Path Channel is much more than a simple stereo channel, in has three different Operating Modes suited to different project workflows.
IN-LINE TRACKING is similar to the AWS900 with either the MIC or LINE signal providing the CHOP and Track Bus source. (Note: there is no longer an Instrument D.I Input) Normally this primary signal is level controlled by the V-Pot. However through "fader flip" it is possible to use the large fader instead. In this setup the secondary signal (DAW output/Monitor Return or the even the CH OP) goes to the Large fader.
IN-LINE MIX provides identical operation to the existing AWS900 channel strip with the exception that a second signal path is available as a Mix input in classic 'In Line' console fashion. In this mode the Channel V-Pot acts as the second input gain control (along with the associated SOLO/CUT switches). Furthermore the V-Pots level and mute status can be automated. This allows all 48 channel signal paths level and cut automation in the analogue domain. Note that it is also possible to move the Insert into the secondary path (ideal for X-Rack processing etc).
STEREO MIX mode provides a fully featured Stereo channel aimed primarily at stem mixing with 4 Band EQ, HPF, Stereo Insert, Balance/Width control and routing to the REC and MIX busses, the track busses, and the Stereo CUE. The FX sends and the CHOP are sourced by a mono sum of the stereo signal.
Channel configuration and Setup is accomplished via the AWS 948 onboard TFT screen and soft keys, and it is even possible to move or divide the channels processing resources (EQ, Insert etc.) between each of the dual paths.
About SSL SuperAnalogue
There are many factors in the equation that has made the AWS the world's leading audio production console; incredible SSL ergonomics that deliver hands on creative inspiration, truly great audio processing tools, 5.1 monitoring, the kind of reliability that only comes from outstanding build quality etc etc... but the foundations are simple; benchmark SSL SuperAnalogue™ sonics. The SuperAnalogue™ mix bus provides pristine transparency with stunning clarity, extended headroom and precise panoramic positioning. It is the fact that with every project, whatever the workflow, from start to finish, the AWS sounds amazing.
New Features:
  • AWS 948 only
    • 48 inputs;
      • IN-LINE TRACKING = 1 mic + 1 line inputs per channel
      • IN-LINE MIX = 2 x mono line inputs per channel
      • STEREO MIX = 1 x stereo line input per channel
    • New Stereo EQ design with independent E/G curve switching of HF/LF and HMF/LMF bands
    • Innovative new Dual path channel with three versatile operating modes
  • AWS 924 & AWS 948
    • Unique Analogue Fader Access DAW Automation mode
    • Cool looking new legs and cosmetic styling
    • 8 channel LCD Solo/Cut tile displays
    • SD flash card enables on board storage of multiple projects
    • TR Autoscan streamlines TR operation
    • New Phase meter and new 20 segment bargraph meters
    • Bus Injects for Cue and FX Busses
  • Key AWS Features
    • Combination of analogue console and advanced DAW controller
    • SSL SuperAnalogue™ mix bus provides pristine audio foundations
    • SSL SuperAnalogue™ mic pre's transparent record path
    • Versatile 4 band channel EQ, assignable Dynamics and SSL Master Bus Compressor
    • 5.1 Surround monitoring and Monitor speaker calibration including Bass management
    • MIDI over Ethernet multi layer DAW workstation control
    • Precise, intuitive motorised fader mix AWSomation
    • Elegant console project management with SSL Logicitivity Remote Browser and SD card storage
    • SSL's unique trademarked TOTAL RECALL™ system
    • Responsible 'green' manufacturing and reduced power consumption
    • Compact 24 fader frame ideal for small control rooms
Pricing and Availability:
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